Suketar Airport has experienced a two-month suspension of flights.

Suketar Airport in Taplejung has been facing operational challenges due to weather conditions. The airport has not been able to conduct flights for two months, which has affected the flight schedules of Nepal Airlines and Sita Air.

Nepal Airlines typically operates four flights weekly on Mondays and Thursdays, while Sita Air operates on Mondays and Saturdays. However, both airlines had their last flights a while ago. Nepal Airlines had its final flight on June 9, and Sita Air’s last on April 7.

The main issue is the onset of monsoon, which brings adverse weather conditions to the region. When there is a flight schedule, the weather does not clear, and when the weather does improve, there is no flight schedule. This uncertainty and inconsistency in weather conditions are causing disruptions to flight operations at Suketar Airport.

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It’s common for airports in certain regions, especially those with challenging terrain and weather patterns like mountainous areas, to experience disruptions during monsoon seasons. The safety of passengers and crew is a priority, so flights are often delayed or canceled when weather conditions pose risks.

To get the most up-to-date information about the airport’s status and flight schedules, passengers and airlines should keep in touch with the airport authorities and respective airlines for any changes or updates. The airport authorities and airlines will closely monitor the weather forecasts to determine when it is safe to resume flights.

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