Sukilumba Airport at Ilam ready for the test flight

The test flight is scheduled to be conducted at Sukilumba Airport situated at Ilam within 10 days as per stated by the high level authorities at the region. Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) will be conducting test flight along with technical testing of the airport.

Previously, the airport authorities said that the test flight would be carried out by Chaitra however, it couldn’t happen as expected.

The airport features 700 m long and 60 m wide runway. The drainage management till Maikhola is going on at a cost of around 8 million. 8 cascade and drain has been constructed to minimize the risk of flood from Maikhola. Although the construction of drainage is due the deadline, the work will be carried out by Jestha in the place of risk.

Design for the terminal building has been started and the process of blacktopping of the runway will also be started soon. Land acquisition work was done in the initiative of the local body and residents for the construction of the airport as the airport will spread over in three hundred 26 ropani areas.

Earlier, at the cost of Rs70 million, the upgrading of the runway was completed along with the construction of drainage management and road. The construction of runway and terminal building will be carried out after the successful test flight.

The airport will serve the locals of the far eastern mountainous region along with the travelers to the hilly districts of Eastern Nepal and the tourist destinations of Darjeeling and Sikkim in India.

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