Summit Air LET-410 encounters minor incident; Simikot Airport Closed


Summit Air (Former Goma Air) LET-410 UVP-E20 aircraft acquiring registration “9N-AMH” met a malfunction during takeoff for its schedule passenger flight for Nepalgunj Airport from Simikot Airport at around 02:30 PM Local Time.

Summit Air LET L410 stuck at the Runway

The Crew encountered the malfunction when the aircraft taxied and configured for take off on the runway 10 at Simikot Airport for its schedule flight.

The Airport currently remains closed after the aircraft main landing gear was suspected jammed, noted the airport officials.

Let-410 is a twin-engine turboprop short range transport aircraft and is manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET. Currently, the company is the only owner of LET-410 UVP-E20 in Nepal.

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