Summit Air LET 410 test lands successfully at Juphal Airport

Juphal Airport which had remained untouched by any aircraft previously has succeeded to operate the second flight. Previously, Twin Otter for Tara Air had landed at the airport on 8 September.

Today, Summit Air’s LET 410 aircraft was operated to Juphal Airport to test the aircraft’s airworthiness at recently maintained Julphan STOL airport. The aircraft had landed at the runway in the airport successfully.

According to an operation staff from Summit Air, the aircraft was operated from Nepalgunj to land in Juphal Airport. The LET aircraft belonging to Summit Air took off from Nepalgunj Airport at 8:40 am Nepali time and had landed at Juphal Airport after 35 minutes of air travel.

Instructor Pilot Capt A.D Sherpa and Capt R.B. Rokaya for Summit Air had conducted the test landing of LET 410 aircraft for the airlines. The pilots were happy for succeeding the test landing of the LET 410 aircraft at Juphal Airport.

Similarly, the LET 410 aircraft landed back in Nepalgunj Airport at 10:15 am local time. Pilots have already reported the airline’s team about the successful accomplishment of the test landing and the airline is now waiting for the approval certificate, reported an operation staff from Summit Air.

Summit Air after the successful landing of LET 410 is now planning to commence regular flight to the airport.

Juphal Airport is the only medium of transport connection for the locals in Dunai in Dolpa and the airport had remained closed previously due to delayed work at the airport. Locals at Juphal periphery are excited with the landing of additional aircraft.

At present Dummit Air conducts regular flight operation to various STOL airports located in the mountains including Lukla at Solukhumbhu and the airline is now excited to commence its regular flight to Juphal with its Czech build LER 410 aircraft.

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