Summit Air meets a fatal crash with Manang Air, early morning of New Year in Lukla Airport

S. Sierra, Kathmandu

A very devastating news comes as a Summit Air aircraft crashes with a Manang Air Helicopter on ground early in the new year day. A Summit Air LET 410 aircraft ‘9N-AMH’ preparing for take-off collided with a Manang Air’s B3e Helicopter ‘9N-ALC’ on the upper helipad of Lukla Airport today.

Summit Air preparing for take-off during its take off roll suddenly veered to the right off the runway plummeting into a Manang Air helicopter with captain onboard the helicopter, and dragging both the aircraft down to the lower helipad creating flames.

First Officer inside Summit Air passed away very unfortunately in this incident and Captain. R. B. Rokaya inside the Summit Air Aircraft has been rescued with injuries to Kathmandu.

Another captain from Manang Air aircraft Capt. C. B. Gurung has been rushed to Kathmandu Grande Hospital with a Simrik Air’s Helicopter. He has been reported to have multiple fractures in his leg is in a serious condition as per latest report. Summit Air had only three crew on board for the misfortuned flight that could never take off. Cabin Crew from Summit Air also had injuries.

Two more police officers on the ground have been reported dead during this incident. The dead bodies are being brought to Kathmandu by Kailash Helicopter.

The eyewitnesses described that the aircraft might have gone technical with ‘Rudder Locked’ due to which a sudden right steering was it observed as the Summit Air aircraft rolled for take off. As a result it straightly went to hit the helicopter being parked in the upper helipad. There then both the aircraft plummeted into the lower helipad with flames.


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