SunExpress: The best leisure airline in the world 2022

With a roaring return of leisure travelers, many airlines are offering bulk passenger flights to attractive tourist destinations. One of the best carriers that offer quality experiences for people seeking leisure activities is SunExpress. SunExpress, the Turkish-German airline, is the winner of the prestigious World Airline Awards ‘Best Leisure Airline 2022’. Leave the stress of daily life behind you, escape to the sun and make lifelong happy memories with SunExpress.

Brief background of SunExpress

SunExpress is an Antalya-based joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, specializing in scheduled and chartered passenger operations. It was founded in 1989 and started its commercial voyage a year later by providing regular services to Turkey. Starting from obscurity, SunExpress has now developed its limited network into an imposing flight schedule with over 60 destinations worldwide.

Boeing 737 -800

SunExpress concentrates its passenger operations from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and offers international host connections to holidaymakers. While the carrier mainly specializes in international tourism, it also operates oodles of domestic flights across Turkey.

SunExpress flights

Make a comfortable start to your holiday by booking flights with SunExpress. The carrier has stretched its wings to over 60 destinations in 30 countries worldwide. SunExpress has a significant foothold in Europe as most of its flights crisscross European skies.

While most of the SunExpress flights depart from Izmir, passengers also have a choice to fly from local airports across Germany. SunExpress allows travelers to enjoy convenient connections from airports in Bremen, Munster/Osnabruck, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, etc.

Based on two mega carriers’ expertise, SunExpress bursts forth with holistic offerings of air services to major cities in Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Be it a VFR, holiday, or a quick work of international business, SunExpress provides plenty of choice for cheap and easy travel.

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As a Turkish-German airline, SunExpress has a strong presence in key cities in Turkey and Germany. Travelers can fly onboard SunExpress flights to German destinations like Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Saarbrucken, etc.

Likewise, SunExpress operates domestic Turkish flights to cities like Adana, Ankara, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kars, Konya, Trabzon, etc. With cheap flights and easy bookings, Turkish nationals can return to their home anytime without busting the budget.

Moreover, SunExpress operates leisure flights to gorgeous destinations in Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, France, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Georgia, and the UK.

Outside of European bases, SunExpress has extended its network to a handful of Western Asian regions. This includes Erbil in Iraq, Tel Aviv in Israel, Beirut in Lebanon, etc.

Future SunExpress flights

The Antalya-based SunExpress is on the road to continual expansion with upcoming services to Athens, Geneva, Bristol, and Newcastle upon Tyne. The non-stop flight to Athens will allow visitors to explore all the city’s historic landmarks. The carrier will add Greece to its European network by operating flights to Athens on 2 June 2023.

Boeing-737 SunExpress landing in Zurich after short haul flight on July 18, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich airport is home for Swiss Air and one of biggest european hubs.

SunExpress will expand its Switzerland network beyond Zurich by offering Geneva service from 21 June 2023. Likewise, it will strengthen its UK presence by commencing flights to Bristol and Newcastle on 26 March and 28 March 2023, respectively.

Sun Express planes

Flying is a convenient way to schedule vacation breaks from everyday hassles. SunExpress relies on its modern and eco-friendly fleet to scoot travelers to their dream getaways. The carrier touts a fleet of 60 aircraft, including 6 Airbus A320-200s, 45 Boeing 737-800s, and 9 Boeing 737 Max 8s.

The narrow-body A320-200 has a seating capacity for 180 passengers and serves the carrier’s short and medium-haul routes. The next-generation Boeing 737-800 comprises a backbone of SunExpress fleet with 45 in service. Likewise,  Boeing 737 Max 8 also forms the fleet of SunExpress airline and features superior reliability and fuel efficiency.

The Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737 Max 8s carry 189 passengers, but they vary in range. B737-800s have a maximum range of 2,935 nautical miles, while 737 Max 8s fly even farther with a maximum range of up to 3500 nautical miles.

SunExpress onboard services

SunExpress offers travel products tailored to customers’ needs, from tourists to business visitors. Travelers can choose SunEco, SunClassic, and SunPremium packages to best meet their needs.

SunEco flights are the preferred choice for those who don’t mind traveling without traditional passenger service onboard. They can travel to exotic locations without the sky-high price tag in exchange for no add-ons and frills of other services. This fare level comprises a basic flight package without any meal option. However, they can order exquisitely flavored dishes from the inflight SunCafe menu to delight their palate. Likewise, SunEco passengers get a baggage allowance of up to 20 kg.

SunClassic and SunPremium flights take to travel to a higher level of convenience than SunEco by covering customers’ need for onboard amenities. SunClassic covers customers’ onboard snack and refreshment deals and a luggage allowance of up to 30kgs.

SunExpress has wrapped up onboard dining opportunity into ‘SunPremium,’ allowing customers to dine on a complete menu. The onboard assortment comprising a variety of sweet and salty snacks, a sizzling hot pizza, and non-alcoholic beverages will round off the culinary experience. Like SunClassic, SunPremium passengers will also get a 30kg luggage allowance.

Does SunExpress have inflight entertainment?

In modern times, passengers highly appreciate inflight entertainment options to pass their time during the flight. Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) is instrumental in today’s air travel experience as it helps travelers to spend quality time onboard enjoying various contents. To ensure a seamless travel journey, SunExpress has partnered with Immfly to roll out ‘SunExpress Entertainment’ across B737-800 and Max fleet. Travelers can access various entertainment options, including TV shows, music, games, movies, etc., via their devices and get duty-free catalogs.

One of the innovative digital offerings of the holiday specialist SunExpress is Virtual Reality entertainment. In 2019, the carrier implemented the VR entertainment concept, which involved storing complete entertainment content in the headsets. Passengers can strap the glasses of virtual reality headsets over their heads to get a whole new 360-degree entertainment experience.

Besides movies and TV shows, one of the best ways to pass the time onboard is Wi-Fi. Passengers can utilize their flight time productively or chat with friends and families at clouds above 30000 feet with in-flight Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, none of SunExpress’ aircraft are equipped with onboard Wi-Fi features.

SunExpress extras

If you want more than just an aircraft seat when you travel, try SunExpress extras. You can add such extras as onboard services, free middle seats, lounge access &VIP service, seat reservation, extra baggage, etc. to your reservation.

  • Seat reservation

Nothing is more excruciating than having to sit separately from your partner/loved ones on holiday flights. Ensure sitting with your companion or group by reserving the seats in advance.

You can easily reserve your seat online by paying 2.99 Euro per person one way on international flights. Moreover, you can also make a seat reservation starting at 1299 Turkish Lira per person for domestic flights.

  • XLeg seats

Suppose you prefer to enjoy quality time above ground with generous legroom onboard; reserve XLeg seats. Treat yourself to an even more relaxing flight with more legroom, or enjoy the convenience of getting the aircraft first. It will take as less as 10.99 Euros per person to reserve emergency exit rows or front rows on international flights. For domestic flights within Turkey, the XLeg seat reservation fee starts from 54.99 Turkish Lira per person.

Passengers exceeding 14 years of age who don’t have any physical or mental disturbances can occupy the exit row seat.

  • Booking a free middle seat

SunExpress also offers the option of booking middle seats for a more comfortable and carefree flight experience. The free middle seat beside you gives you extra space for enhanced well-being. The cost for booking free middle seats on international flights starts from 39.99 Euros. If you are flying within Turkey, you’ll have to pay as less as 99.99 TRY to ensure an empty seat next to you.

  • Lounge Access

Make a comfortable start to your journey by booking the lounge access pass at Antalya Airport. As such, you can enjoy the luxury of private space, try top-quality dining options, use Free Wi-Fi or read the latest edition of newspapers. To access the exclusive lounge at Antalya Airport, you’ll have to pay 29.99 euros on international flights and 29.99 on domestic ones.

Overall- Is SunExpress a good airline?

SunExpress is a 3-star certified airline and the 2022 World Airline Awards ”Best Leisure Airline”. The leisure carrier strives to deliver the best customer experience possible at every touch point. It operates holiday trips with comfort tailored to an individual traveler’s needs based on fare levels. Some downsides of this carrier include using old planes, minimal onboard facility, and the absence of Wi-Fi.

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