Supreme Court denies termination on flying license of Capt. Awale

Supreme Court has finalized the decision of not terminating flying permission of Nepal Airlines’ Senior Pilot Subarna Awale.

The judge of Supreme Court Anil Kumar Sinha and Susma Lata Mathema announced that there was no any compulsion of flight permission ban for Capt. Awale.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) had decided to suspend the flying rights for Awale from last Shrawan. Supreme Court had sought valid reasons for the suspension of flying rights.

Awale sought the help of Supreme Court as he filed the application against CAAN stating that the decision was made unnecessarily and against the rules and regulations. The court then ordered to provide the reason behind doing so.

Supreme Court instructed Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) and CAAN to provide necessary and valid written reasons for termination flying permission.

Capt. Awale was caught red-handed with US$ 93,600 on 28th Chaitra 2073 while he was about to fly for Dubai from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). He was then charged with the Foreign Currency Exchange Regulations and the decision was made to make him pay the compensation of Nrs 96.9 lakhs.

NAC requested CAAN to release Capt. Awale as the corporation had been suffering shortage of pilots. CAAN then decided to take the medical examination of Capt. Awale. After necessary medical and aptitude test, the examination team gave unfit result to CAAN. The Director General of CAAN sought the assistance of MoCTCA.

The ministry decided to ban the flying right of Capt. Awale. Awale started his career at NAC 30 years ago with Twin Otter aircraft and then he flew Boeing 757 while he had been flying A320 since 2 years.

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