Supreme court has ordered to pause the privatization procedures of Nepal Airlines

The Supreme Court has ordered that Nepal Airlines Corporation’s privatization process remain unchanged for a while. On Sunday, a bench of Justice Kumar Regmi issued a short-term interim order to the government to pause the procedure of privatization . The court also called on both sides to discuss further.

Advocate Atish Karki had filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court to stop the government’s preparations to privatize the airline.
Last time, the committee chaired by Sushil Ghimire had submitted a report to the government with suggestions to privatize the airline corporation. The government had formed the committee on September 18, 2019. The committee report suggested transforming the corporation into a company and maintain a 51 percent share of the government.

After the report was made public, the employees of the airline corporation are in agitation. With the Supreme Court’s order, the committee ‘s report for privatization of the airline corporation will not be taken forward immediately.

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