Surkhet airport remained closed for two and half hours due to Indian Pilgrims

Surkhet airport remained closed for two and half hours due to Indian Pilgrims 

June 17, 2016- Prem Mainali – Today, the surkhet airport remained closed for two and half hours by the indian pilgrims while they were returning from kailash manasrower. They were boarded from Humla to Nepalgunj but due to some reason they were landed in surkhet airport which made passengers to block the runway.

Due to this ill manner of pilgrims the flights to humla including six flights from there was cancelled. In order to remove the crowd from runway police used its power . During the incident one women police officer including two pilgrims were injured.

This incident happened when two flight of goma air from simikot to nepalgunj landed in surkhet airport instead of reaching its destination.according to one of the passenger , Dr.samir kumar “The travel agency and airlines company betrayed us and we were landed in surkhet airport as the boarding pass was of nepalgunj, our demand is to reach the airport of which we were given boarding pass”

Samir also added “Goma air gave us boarding pass of nelapal gunj and told us that they will make land in nepalgunj airport, we were total 37 in group and the airlines company said us that they will fly two plane for them to nepalgunj” and they played with us.

To clear the runway , police used its full power during which police officer named parbati malla was injured.Police misbehaved with the passengers and they were thrown out of runway.
The (nimitta nirdesak) of Civil aviation authority of surkhet Mr.chabhi singh thakulla ,claimed the fault was of agents and airlines company .It is the responsibility of airlines company to help passengers in reaching the destination after they give boarding pass, he added.

The operation manager of Goma air blamed the fault was of agencies.”we gave boarding pass on thursday,friday morning travel agencies told us to land the passengers in surkhet airport and we did “.the airlines company deals with the agencies not with passengers. So, the plane was landed in surkhet airport.

The rise in dispute between the airport personnel resulted in bringing Nepali agent prachanda manandhar from humla. Mr.manandhar who is also the owner of survey travels and trading concluded out of 37 passengers, 9 were send from goma air and the remaining were send by bus to nepalgunj.

Due to this incident, the other 35 pilgrims were also unable to make their journey towards manasrower from surkhet.They were suppose to reach china border today itself but because of this incident they are still in stuck surkhet for one day.

The airlines company also couldnot make 6 flight because of today’s incident

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