Survey to operate night flights started at Chandragadhi Airport


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) is in progress to start the Survey for installation of Runway Lighting system in Chandragadi Airport, Jhapa.

According to the Airport Chief, Mr. Purna Prasad Chudal, all the authorities are working for the installation of necessary equipment for the IFR Landing at the airport to operate the night flights under the IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) condition.

After the implementation of the IFR Flight service at the airport, the airline operators can operate their aircraft under minimum visibility of 1600 meters, stated source.

The airport authorities have expected that all the installation works will be completed within three months and the IFR operation will be started in October 2018.

On Feburary, 2018 Buddha Air has already conducted the Test flight for the IFR Operation in the airport by its ATR 72-500 aircraft. The aircraft will conducted the test landing using the Area Navigation (RNAV) Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) approach procedure, stated source.

Currently the airport only operates Visual Flight Rules (VFR) which needs at least 5000 metres of visibility for safe flight operation however, in the winter season, the airport gets limited to 2000 metres of visibility due to the heavy haze and mist that has been obstructing flights.



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