Suspicious conversation linked with terrorist group diverts Easyjet plane

Suspicious conversation linked with terrorist group diverts Easyjet plane

June 10, 2017-Germany

An Easyjet flight from Slovenia to the UK was diverted to land in Germany due to some suspicious conversation. The aircraft was on its way to London from Slovenia flying over the German sky when the flight pilots fortunately informed about the ongoing suspicious conversation.  Hence the pilot being cautious about the further circumstances had made an unplanned landing in Germany on Saturday afternoon.

Later, three suspects were arrested after Easyjet flight made the diverted landing in Cologne-Bonn airport Germany.Entire 151 onboard passengers were disembarked soon after the landing and flight operation at the airport was suspended for about three hours.German Police analyzing the threat had blown a bag pack of one arrested suspect.

All the 151 passengers came out of the aircraft by emergency slides and were then taken to a transit gate.Entire passengers went through security checks immediately to find out the suspects of the crime conversation.

Later a statement from Cologne police reported that passengers onboard had alarmed the flight crew about the ongoing crime conversation amongst the suspects. The police stated the subject had been “terrorist content”.

Easyjet noted and thanked the captain for taking the instant decision to land the aircraft as precautions secure both aircraft and passengers from damage.

All the passengers were provided with the hotel room for the night and were subsequently flown back this morning.

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