Taking headphones on a plane: Yes or No?

One of the questions that come up from time to time is – Are you allowed to take your headphones on a plane? Generally speaking, the answer would be – yes. But there are some limitations. Let’s find out more about it! 

If you check the Transportation Security Administration’s website you will find out that you can take your headphones in checked and carry-on bags. This is good because your headphones can have a huge effect on the quality of your flight time.

On the other side, some airlines have restricted the usage of wireless and Bluetooth headphones during flight, so it’s recommended to check that before you come to the airport. Just call your airline and ask them whether you can bring your headphones with you and when it is allowed to use them. Some companies recommend not using headphones during take-off and landing.

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Can You Use Wireless Headphones on a Plane?

With the increasing popularity of wireless headphones and earbuds, it is normal to ask whether you can actually use them on a flight? Are there any rules you have to follow that?

Officially, it is forbidden to use any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device bigger than a standard smartphone. During the flight it has to be on “airplane mode”. You won’t have any problems if the airplane mode is turned on.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you have to use your device in airplane mode or disable the cellular connection. However, if the plane has a Wi-Fi system, you are allowed to use the Wi-Fi connection, but only if the airline allows it too. Wireless keyboards and other short-range devices can be used as well. However, it seems that every airline company has its own rules so check them before the flight.

There are many Bluetooth headphones on the market today and these models are our recommendation.  There is no reason to listen to airplane noise during the entire flight. Simply block the noise with your headphones or earbuds, listen to your favorite songs, watch movies, or play games. You will definitely feel the flight time passing by.

Can You Take Wired Headphones on a Plane?

If you are wondering whether it is allowed to bring your wired headphones on the plane, the answer is yes. The only thing you have to take care here is to make sure the wires don’t interfere with anything. Just pay attention. That’s it. 

However, just like with wireless headphones you will most probably have to take them off during take-off and landing.

In some cases, you will need an adapter so it’s wise to buy one before the flight. They don’t cost much, just pick the best one for your headphones.

Headphones and Airport Security

There is also another question worth mentioning – Will the airport security confiscate the headphones you have brought with you?

The answer to this question is – no. We haven’t witnessed any situations where the airport security confiscated the headphones from a person. Of course, if you plan to hide something inside of them, then it’s a completely different situation and the answer will be different.

Bluetooth Headphones on Airplane – Myths

There is a widely spread opinion that Bluetooth and other wireless connections can negatively affect the airplane’s communication and navigation system. In fact, it is very difficult to determine how true this is because it is hard to calculate what exactly happens when you use such devices and connections on the plane. 

This is the main reason why airlines request your smartphone to be in airplane mode just like all other wireless devices you may use. Unfortunately, wireless headphones and earbuds fit into the category of such devices. The good thing though is that each airline has its own rules.

In most cases, you won’t have problems bringing your own headphones with you on the flight. If you contact the airline first, you will probably be allowed to use the headphones during the flight. Just remember to do it before the flight and you won’t have to worry about potential problems with the airport security and just get ready to enjoy your time on the plane.

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