Airfare reduced ‘in between competition’ at Talcha Airport

Airfare reduced ‘in between competition’ at Talcha Airport

January 29, 2017- Mugu

The airfare towards Talcha airport has been reduced due to fierce competition for acquiring flights there. Tara, Goma and Sita airlines has been conducting flights from Nepalgunj to there.

Tara Air has been charging Rs. 4500 which has been reduced to Rs. 4280. Likewise, the airlines had been charging about Rs. 9000 in cargo fare which has been reduced to Rs. 5000. Similarly, the charge to reach Surkhet from Talcha airport is about Rs. 3090.

 Adding to that, Goma Airlines which had been charging Rs. 4700 from the airport to Nepalgunj will now be taking Rs. 4280 for the same route. Likewise, the cargo fare has also been made about Rs. 5000.

About five to six flights has been taking place every day at Talcha airport. The race for conducting flights there had started after the runway was pitched.

Nepal Airlines has also been conducting flights at the rate of Rs.4300 on either route.

The airliners have been propagating about the reduced fare there to attract passengers. Some airliners have been selling tickets from Gamgadhi which includes Sita Air that has been selling tickets starting from Wednesday.

Tara, Goma, Sita and Nepal Airlines will be conducting flights at Talcha airport from now on.

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