Team from CAAN and Tara Air begin investigation of ‘9N-ABM’ accident at Simikot Airport

The team from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Tara Air geared up to the Simikot Airport for detail inspection and initiation of the investigation process of Tara Air’s Twin Otter ‘9N-ABM’ accident that occurred on Nov 28.

4 personnel from Tara Air including chief pilot, director, engineers and 2 members from CAAN visited the crash site on Nov 29. As per the information from airport official, the inspection team collected all the essential raw data required for the investigation purpose and returned back to Kathmandu on Nov 30.

Likewise, the insurance team has also visited the site and collected photos and required documents for the insurance protocols.

The airport officials are requesting all the respective authorities to remove the aircraft as soon as possible because the presence of the damaged aircraft will create distress to the other flight crews and also agitate the passengers flying to and fro Simikot Airport.

The preliminary information suggests that the Twin Otter ‘9N-ABM’ encountered tyre burst and veered off the runway however; the actual cause of the accident is yet to be discovered for which we have to wait for the detail investigation report.

The front part of the aircraft encountered severe damaged due to the higher impact at the ground along with the front tyre being dislocated yet all the passengers and crew on board survived the accident with minor injuries.


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