Team from NAC to depart France for A330 observation

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), the national flag carrier which has been nearing to take the delivery of Airbus 330-200 wide body aircraft on July, has planned to visit France by the end of March for reviewing the aircraft.

American Aviation Support Company AAR Corp has invited team from NAC on March to conduct the technical examination of the aircraft after the corporation sent a proposal letter to AAR Corp demanding approval for the inspection of A330 manufacturing process.

Rabindra Shrestha, spokesperson of NAC stated that though AAR has sent letter for approval of necessary observation in March however, the exact date is not confirmed yet.

The new wide-body aircraft has been scheduled for arriving in Nepal between Baisakh and Ashar.

Currently, the corporation is operating international flights to 7 destinations with three narrow body aircraft; 2 A320-200 and one Boeing 757. The flag carrier is preparing to operate long haul flights to Osaka, Seoul and Riyadh with the arrival of two A330s.

Nepal Airlines and AAR Cooperation had signed an agreement on 27 January and the flag carrier had drafted USD 1 million in advance to AAR for the purchase of two wide-body aircraft on February 15.

The flag carrier has already prepared for operating scheduled flight to Korea and Japan.  As per the information, Ground Handling Service Provider is being selected in Korea and Tender has also begun for Japan.

The corporation, which plans to operate flights to Japan, China, and Australia, will be conducting the first flight to South Korea’s Incheon International Airport. For this, the corporation has been allowed to conduct flights for three days a week.

NAC has sent 10 billion rupees as per the agreement. The remaining amount out of total i.e. Rs 21 billion will be dispatched only one week before the delivery.

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