Terminal construction project of Janakpur Airport delays

New terminal building of Janakpur airport will still take another extra year for completion. The construction of building using steel structure started from last 5 year and  is due to complete as the final structure is not sorted thus not being usable.

The contract was initially given for construction of terminal building but the contractor company did not carry out the work of finishing and also due to other errors the construction time lengthened.

The construction of Nepali model building is designed like India’s Allahabad airport. The construction contract is given to Pappu Construction to build 2 and half story building with steel basement at a cost of 21 crore.

According to Deputy Director General of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority Devanand Upadhyay, the internal terminal checking counter building has been constructed as of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The Civil Aviation Authority of Janakpur tried to give contract to 2 companies but due to hard legal procedure they didn’t take the risk thus the work was stranded furthermore.

New Terminal Design of Janakpur Airport as per Pappu Construction

Deputy Director General Upadhyay said that the Civil Aviation Authority has opened another contract after the long run to complete the construction and contract process will be made public soon.

The old terminal building made with the help of Indian Government is small and narrow and can only operate 1 aircraft at a time. Buddha Air conducts 2 flight and Yeti Airlines conduct 1 flight on Kathmandu-Janakpur-Kathmandu on daily basis. After being the capital of Province No. 2, the need of new building was foreseen. Along with new terminal building, highly modified tower is also constructed and Apron area is established after breaking down the old building.

The new terminal building of Janakpur Airport will be fully equipped with infrastructure. Upadhyay said that all the general facilities in the airport are included in the new terminal building. The building will be able to provide service to passengers even when there is 3-4 aircraft at the time.

Washrooms, drinking water facility etc. will be available along with other services. Airlines checking area, ticket counter and office, passengers are made inside the check-in room, toilets, TV and coffee shop will be made available inside the terminal after security checkup. Night time flight will also be conducted soon after the construction of the building and the new contract has included connection of light for night flight.

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