Thai Airways Suffers Bird Hit While Landing Today

A Thai Air Boeing 777 THAI flight number 319 aircraft suffered a bird strike on its right engine while landing at Tribhuvan International Airport on Sunday afternoon. No major damages were caused when the right engine of the Boeing 777 ingested the bird at around 12:35 this afternoon except 5-6 small holes. The plane has now been grounded and engineers from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal are inspecting the plane to assess the damage caused by the bird hit.

During bird strike the airplane was overhead Godavari lalitpur pilot reported Airport Authority. It was scheduled to fly to Bangkok at 1 pm. 216 passengers scheduled to fly on the jet have been transferred to hotel Radisson ,Lazimpat as the engineers have not cleared the jet to make the return flight.

The US-made Boeing 777 is one of the largest passenger carrying jet flying to KATHMANDU . Bird strike is a persistent problem at the country’s only international airport with a 52 percent incidence of bird strikes occur in TIA as compared to other airports. According to experts, aircraft are significantly at risk during take-off and landing as 90 percent of birds fly below an altitude of 2,000 ft.

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