The 5 Best Apps to Use While Traveling to Boost Your Travel Blog

Exploring new cities and taking in new sites opens our eyes to a whole new perspective—one that can be difficult to come by otherwise. But beyond the personal value of travel, it can be an incredibly lucrative social media strategy.

Few people have the luxury of traveling the world, so to satisfy our thirst, we immerse ourselves in Instagram feeds that are visually engaging, rich with photos of exotic beaches and neon nightlife.

Whether you review trending hot spots in urban cities or offer can’t-miss advice for the best creperie in Paris, your niche audience members will follow along, glued to your feed, for relevant travel tips they can apply to their own life.

Through your own adventures on social media, you can inspire others to do the same—and now documenting your journeys has never been easier in today’s digital age. If you’ve considered boosting your presence on social networking sites, here are five apps that’ll help you take your travel and lifestyle profile up several notches. Some popular travel apps developed by the team of the website – one of the top companies that offer the development of high-quality applications. Now keep reading the article to learn more.

  1. A Flight Finder for the Best Fares

Social media marketing can be a profitable career choice for many entrepreneurs, but for bloggers just starting out, the promise of profits may seem elusive, at best. It takes a lot of time and energy before your platform gains enough traction to monetize its traffic through affiliates. If you have the dream of becoming a travel blogger, you’ll have to start by taking some (affordable) adventures—and that’s where flight finders come in.

Apps like Skyscanner allow you to scan for the cheapest flights, most convenient destinations, monitoring the prices as they rise and fall. When fares drop below average, you receive a notification advising you that it’s time to pull the trigger. Depending on when you travel, this hack can save you hundreds of dollars that you can use to improve your blog’s bottom line.

  1. A Deal Broker for Last-Minute Hotels

Spontaneity is the spice of life, and sometimes, that means booking a last-minute flight with unbeatable airfare to a destination you’ve always dreamt of. In situations like these, you’ll need to find a place to stay ASAP. Avoid paying exorbitant rates by taking advantage of apps that provide users with unexpected deals they can snag and save.

Platforms like Hotel Tonight partner with affiliates of all sizes—small, large, boutique, budget, and so on—in order to fill same-day vacancies. For some reason or another, whether a guest canceled, or a room was never booked, these hotels have availability and stand to lose out on profits. By offering their vacant accommodations at a reduced rate, you win, they win, and Hotel Tonight wins a small referral fee, keeping everybody happy.

  1. Location-Based Apps So You Don’t Get Lost

Even if you do an impressive amount of research and preparation before planning an adventure that’s destined to launch the success of your travel blog, your content marketing strategy could fall flat unless you account for the location-based services you’ll need while you’re abroad.

For example, many travelers in the United States rely on the omnipresent ride-calling app, Uber, to conveniently shuttle them from A to B. But in other countries, such as India, Uber is much less available, restricted to only 36 cities compared to the 125 cities a similar app called Ola is available in.

You don’t want to wait until you’re stranded in a rural region to realize you’re without a ride. Make sure you have all the right service apps you’ll need to get around installed on your phone before you touch the ground, otherwise you might become a slave to the WiFi signal. It’s always a good idea to install a translator app in case you need a little assistance asking for directions in the local language.

  1. An Easy-to-Use Note App to Write It All Down

In order to fill your feed with awe-inspiring posts, you’ll need to engage your audience with content they can connect to on a raw, real level. As you jet-set across countries, remember to keep track of all your experiences by jotting down your authentic thoughts and emotions on an app like Google Keep.

Keep is great for travelers because it also supports photo notes, voice memos, and checklists—perfect for bloggers on the go. Conveniently record how it felt to watch the sunrise over a sleeping city, or the address of your favorite European tapas restaurant to date, then quickly access them on any web-connected device to inform your writing.

  1. Amp Up Your Visual Aesthetic

The social media accounts that amass the most followers are the ones whose photos appear professional in quality. That said, you don’t have to know how to wield a DSLR to rise in the online popularity ranks.

Simply download an image editor like Airbrush that can transform ordinary snapshots into extraordinary pictures. With just a few tweaks and a click of a button, you can create vivid colors in crystal clarity. Pull viewers into a scene of lush greenery or turquoise water so they feel compelled to keep scrolling through your content, almost as if they were there with you.

Social media and traveling can go hand-in-hand; use these apps to complement each endeavor and watch your following count steadily rise with each new adventure. You might need logo maker app as well.

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