The American Airline- JetBlue Partnership is a Mess For Passengers

The American Airline and JetBlue have forged a ‘Northeaster Alliance’ covering flights in and out of Boston and New York. The partnership is great in theory, giving big domestic networks to fly for American Airlines passengers with elite comfort. The duo-partnership is expected to add more destinations schedules for JetBlue Airlines, relating to the American Airline’s global reach.

The ‘Northeaster Alliance’ of American and JetBlue Airlines is expected to go head-to-head with the leading airlines like Delta Airlines and United Airlines in the corporate segment. 

Is the Partnership as Formidable as Endorsed?

American and JetBlue teaming up for doubling the comfort and efficiency of their service had high expectations in the aviation market; it even startled the big established airlines. American Airlines passengers relishing the spacious leg rooms, entertainment kit on the back of the seat, free wifi, and business class products depending on the routes from JetBlue. Plus, the exceptionally friendly service, food, and great seats with a wide range of destinations worldwide from American Airlines anticipated in arranging great comfort and great destinations right off the bat. However, the actual service experienced by the passengers is quite not at the level it was publicized as the duo partnership did promise a great level of service that would be competing the big players in the game like Delta Airlines and United Airlines. 

JetBlue Mint
JetBlue Airways Airbus A321-131 N986JB @ LAX Photo by: @spotter_airline

Numerous customers who took flights from both major cities shared the problem they faced. One of the major issues has been the booking of the seats; the passengers who booked JetBlue flight service through American Airlines can’t ask American Airlines to assign them seats, the early-stage partnership hasn’t reached such an authority level. The expected elite benefits from the partnership also have left the passengers dissatisfied. The American Airlines passengers expected elite benefits when flying with JetBlue, but the TrueBlue program of JetBlue is pretty weak, which even isn’t able to assign elite service to its own members at the time. The communication on the elite seatings hasn’t been properly relayed yet; whether the passengers will fly with elite recognition or redemption opportunities are yet to be disclosed.

Northeaster Alliance
American Airlines at Tel Aviv, Israel Photo By Oren Levinthal

Also, the reservation confirmations sent to customers booking the codeshare flights are allotted free checked baggage benefit in the package for the elite members, but, in practice, the free package doesn’t apply on the JetBlue. But, American Airlines covers the remunerations; for now, the airline pays for the free packages that are inaugurated in their service will be covered by the airline if JetBlue forces them to pay it.

Besides the comfort and seating category, the partnership is also struggling on the technical aspects; JetBlue isn’t properly reporting its miles to American Airlines. For instance, customers who added their AAdvantage account number using the JetBlue accounts found the error of their flights crediting to TrueBlue instead. 

Northeaster Alliance
JetBlue at Costa Rica

Although there are some blunders in the ‘Northeast Alliance’ of American and JetBlue Airlines, the partnership that was just announced in July last year has yet to reach its prime level. The consistent efforts both airlines are making to make the project a hit definitely put them on the positive flourishing side. In just five months of their service, the airlines are looking for competent and efficient approaches to improve their overall service and client satisfaction to take a further leap forward.

Competitors not in favor of the Northeaster Alliance

The Department of Transportation allotting some slots for the duo partnership was not quite well received by the competitors. American Airlines and JetBlue Airlines are considered the small players, and they are causing ripples in the market where big fish like Delta and United airlines are present. Entry of new competitors means deducing the number of available slots for the existing airlines; the competitors would prefer the government to take more slots from the partners and use them for their service. The American and JetBlue airlines were allocated the slot divestitures as a package, seven-slot pairs at the New York JFK and six at Washington national, with the condition of two airlines having to offer terminal and gate space at commercial rates if the airline acquiring, cannot acquire these slots on their own.

Northeaster Alliance

The ‘Northeaster Alliance’ has undoubtedly created a more competitive market in New York and Washington, with scarce slots being used more efficiently now to meet the market’s demand.

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