The Best Places in the World to Found Your IT Company

The global epidemic has resulted in a remarkable startup boom, with the number of new businesses worldwide greatly exceeding the previous year’s figures. Employees who were made redundant and formed their firms are credited for the boom in entrepreneurship. By focusing on the procurement, distribution, and IT businesses, startups are attempting to cater to shifting consumer demand. For example, according to the insights, the percentage of IT ventures increased by 20% compared to the previous years.

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Why is starting an IT startup a good idea in 2021?

Less competition

Some firms that were thriving before the beginning of 2019 – 20 have since closed their doors. Others have decided to survive afloat by changing their approach. As a result, a significant market opportunity is excellent for a fresh IT startup to flourish.

Low-cost materials

Businesses are more likely to sell off goods, services, and equipment for a significantly lower price in a crisis. So it’s the ideal moment to get specific materials or technologies at a discounted rate while you’re just getting started. For example, if the cost of office space were a stumbling block earlier, it would be less well now.

Innovation opportunities

We’ve probably all heard stories of companies needing to change their business models and strategies in response to the epidemic. However, startups will continue to see the ability to fill voids where larger firms are unable to. Thus, setting up an IT company in 2021 will work in your favor.

What do you need for starting your business?

Business Structure

Don’t forget the importance of choosing the correct organizational structure when beginning an IT solutions firm. It’s not sufficient to only have the necessary experience and funds to start.

A sole trader, a partnership, or a limited company (LLC), are the most common business structures for simple IT services organizations. Your business structure will affect your taxation, the volume of documentation you’ll have to complete, and your liabilities.

Business Plan

A business plan is basically a picture of your firm’s current position as well as a guideline for its development plans. When a startup first starts, most of them don’t have a solid business plan. However, lenders and financiers will almost certainly require one if you ever want to raise money for your firm.

Budget to Begin

Recognizing any upfront expenses associated with your IT consulting firm might assist in saving money in the long run. Create a minimal financial plan before you begin making large expenditures in your company to deliver the best results. Finally, keep a record of your budgets on a regular basis by totaling your income and expenditure at the month’s end. This will assist you in making sound financial decisions.

What difficulties may you face during a startup process?

Data Security

IT security is not something that can be taken lightly by businesses. According to a study, most customers would transfer services or companies if they were threatened with a data leak, and several would change if the leak directly affected them. Customers are unwilling to set their personal information at stake. Besides, the issue is that there aren’t many cybersecurity experts in the IT industry and many IT professionals admit that their teams lack cybersecurity expertise.

However, by encrypting your information, a VPN can help safeguard you from data breaches. You can even download VeePN VPN for mac and enjoy unlimited connection through VeePN. It establishes a secure channel for the information you transmit, keeping it off the hands of cybercriminals.

Skills Gaps

It’s unlikely you’ll know whatever there is regarding running an IT company as a new entrepreneur. A poor understanding can result in costly blunders that could have been avoided. You’ll also have to deal with many pressures on your effort and time when starting a firm. The knowledge gap will widen if nothing is done, and IT organizations will become even more crippled. The remedy is systematic and ongoing training.

Hardware/Software Issues

Many firms have issues with the equipment they utilize having a limited lifespan. The assumption that a computer’s longevity is up to 6 years is a widespread misconception. Though your Computer may last that far, it’s also highly probable that it will require repairs, which will price as much as a new machine. In addition, old and outmoded hardware increases the risk of downtime, promotes employee and customer irritation, endangers revenue, and threatens additional lost opportunities.

Six places where you can easily start your startup:


London’s inclusion on the best startups list comes as no shock. The city had over 300 banking institutions in the prior year, more than 1 million people working in the finance sector. Its Stock Market is among the world’s best-known, with a publicized listing of currency, equity, and many more. With nearly 200 firms trading, it is worth $4.72 tr.


Boston has a great benefit: it is the gateway to a number of major technology and biotech institutions, including Harvard, Boston University, and MIT, to mention a few. This city boasts many financiers, and entrepreneurs can get help at every stage of their business. It is an innovation powerhouse because of the abundance of resources available to startups. Therefore it is considered one of the best places for businesses.


As per the studies, Phoenix has undertaken specific improvements in recent years, which have made it simpler for entrepreneurs to start businesses there, including lowering rules to attract property investment tech and fintech startups and raising venture capital.


This city exemplifies how incredible things may come in little packages. Singapore is host to a number of universities worldwide and is known for its cutting-edge high-tech facilities. Singapore’s authorities are working hard to make the country more desirable to tech startups and aspiring entrepreneurs by enacting favorable rules and levies.


According to the best cities rating, Toronto’s economic expansion, immigration, and worldwide investment are positioning it as a formidable corporate force. Nearly 50% of Toronto’s inhabitants are foreign-born, making it among the most varied cities on the list of best cities for startups. It also dominates Canada’s tech sector, accounting for approximately half of all job expansion by 2020.


Israel named the “startup country,” is witnessing a surge in startup growth, creating a desirable location for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to be living in a fast-expanding startup cluster. In addition, Israel pulls more venture funding than any other place on the planet, and that statistic alone may be enough to convince young entrepreneurs to visit Israel.

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