The construction of 7 helipads at Dolakha completes

7 helipads were constructed at Sailung VDC, Dolakha in a investment of NRs 3 Million.

Bharat Dulal, chairman of VDC stated that the helipads were built to facilitate 8 wards in the aim of making easy for rescue during disaster periods.

“As disasters come without pre-notification and it’s worthless to work after the disaster occurred so the VDC decided to construct helipads by allocating budget in the current fiscal years and the construction work was completed accordingly,” said Dulal.

Helipads were constructed in Bhasmey danda of ward-1, Thagam ward -2 and at Durga Ma Bi which is near to Ward 4 and 5.

Similarly, other helipads were constructed at Bhojhoni danda of ward-5, Ahal ward-6, Sagutey ward-7 and Bhainsey bazaar ward-8.

According to VDC, the constructed helipad can be useful during disaster and emergency whereas it can also be used as playground for local in normal conditions.

Likewise, the construction process for helipad has been started in every area of the ward at Jumla district.

Devendra Prasad Shrestha, Assistant Chief District Officer stated that Local level is being coordinated for helipad construction. He said that among the construction of helipads at 60 wards, 7 VDCs and 1 municiplaity site has been initiated.

Assistant Chief District Officer Shrestha informed that the selection for constructing helipad site are carried out as per the agreement between Local level officers of police station established in the village and local residents.

The concept of Helipad has been introduced in every ward to make the rescue easier in any case of emergency, urgency or any possible disaster and possible spread of epidemic.

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