The construction of PIA to be completed by 2020

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The construction of PIA to be completed by 2020

December 18, 2016-Pokhara

Pokhara International Airport (PIA) will be launched in July, 2020 A.D. according to a statement by the Director of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) Mr. Sanjeev Gautam in a press conference held on Saturday.

He further added that the work has been going on with its work for design already on progression and no doubt about the project incompletion must come forward.

The construction of tunnel and the road to reach the international airport have already been completed. Likewise, Mr. Gautam added that the additional land required for the airport which is around 107 ropanis has already been secured.

The project which was initiated in 2032 B.S. had already had the lands required for construction which is about 3106 ropanis and the additional 521 ropanis including the 35 household which was later acquired by the project according to the PIA project chief, Mr. Pradip Adhikari.

The project will be handled by the China CAMC Engineering company whose technical team has already arrived at the site.

Rs.2.347 billion has already been used as the compensation for the lands.

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