The corporation’s pilot hides the A320 heavy landing

As per the source, It has been revealed that an A320 (9N-AKX) of the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation had made a heavy landing. The aircraft landed in Kathmandu from Dubai at Tribhuvan International Airport at 9:55 am on April 30 and made a heavy landing in the 1.8G factor. If it lands above 1.7G, it will be a heavy or hard landing. As per aircraft specifications, below 1.7G do not fall on heavy landings.

Nepal Airlines Airbus
Nepal Airlines 9N-AKX

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As per the source, The pilots did not inform the corporation’s management after the aircraft carrying 150 passengers made a heavy landing. The captains did not even write in the logbook that there was a heavy landing. The report of heavy landing was revealed later after checking the computer system of the aircraft.

After the heavy landing, the aircraft made several flights, the source said. After a hard landing, the physical impact is felt on various sensitive parts of the aircraft and the aircraft parts should go thorough inspections according to the aircraft manufacturer’s SOP (standard operating procedure).

Earlier, The corporation had taken action against Captain Maheshwarman Dangol and Captain Sunil Shrestha when a widebody of the corporation landed in 2.4G on January 8.

About five months ago, the corporation had taken action when Captain Sanjay Vaidya and Grishma Shrestha made a hard landing at 1.7G. However, no strict action was taken against them as they reported to management.

As per the source, NAC management stated, “Action is taken against those who do not follow the process. We have done it in the past too,”


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