The delusions regarding the safety issues of Nepalese aviation were cleared: Minister Shahi

The delusions regarding the safety issues of Nepalese aviation were cleared: Minister Shahi

Kathmandu – 09 October 2016

The 39th session of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was concluded recently which was addressed by the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Mr. Jeeban Bahadur Shahi whose arrival from the session has brought good news for Nepalese Aviation. The recently returned Minister Shahi stated that the delusion regarding the safety issues of Nepalese Aviation was brought into light and the falsifications were clarified during the session. He further stated that during the aviation forum which was held in Canada, the misconception of one hundred and eleven participating countries regarding the safety issues during air travel in Nepal was elucidated.

Likewise, he stated that even though European union (EU) had put Nepalese Aviation under radar for its unsafe flights and aviation related managements, the officials of ICAO pointed out that the problems regarding Nepalese aviation is merely small and if  handled appropriately, the minute issues will get resolved and the air travel will be safe.

Minister Shahi also declared that when the technical committee of ICAO raised issues about the flight safety in Nepal, the delegates of EU couldn’t negate the issues. While EU may be brawnier for safe flights, but it still is diffident in good security provision claimed minister Shahi. Moreover, he told that the ICAO has stated to provide provision for solving the tribulations and gave good premonition towards Nepalese Aviation.

Minister Shahi further affirmed that right information regarding the illusions about the air travel standard of Nepal was given out and there were exaggerations regarding the condition in which flights are conducted in Nepal but when World Food Programme (WFP) claimed that the helicopters in Nepal were travelling safely in Nepal, the one hundred and eleven countries believed that the aviation in Nepal was not so much in dire situation as was vehemently claimed. The delegates of Nepal also passed onto the information about the age limit of pilots which is sixty years as per ICAO regulations but the limit in Nepal was fifty seven years.

Likewise, there were positive vibes about the tourism sector in Nepal during the forum claimed Mr, Shahi but Nepal is a small country and until the aviation sector was not good enough, the other transportation services would not perk up which was told by the head of the forum. The head of the forum also told about the seventy five percent assistance would be provided by ICAO for four months to address the safety issues while twenty five percent should be handled by Nepal itself.

It was also claimed that the response towards the request for air travel for high delegations were not good. Even, some higher level officers and the director of Nepalese Aviation were insecure about the air travel through Nepal and these type of responses should be handled properly. Likewise, some Latin American and African countries were keen to provide help to Nepal claimed Mr. Shahi.

Minister Shahi also acknowledged that it was the first time Nepal participated as the panelist along with Tanzania and, opinionated that the problems and facilities for land locked countries like Nepal should be addressed in the forum.

Minister Shahi along with his delegates had reached Canada in 9th of Ashoj to attend the session and they were welcomed by the Prime Minister, House speaker and some ministers of Canada.

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