The first ecoDemonstrator for Etihad airways is ready to be delivered

Boeing stated that the first ecoDemonstrator jet for Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner just got a fresh paint coat that will be delivered to Etihad Airways subsequently this year. Boeing is working on the 2020 plan with Etihad Airways and is using one of the airline’s latest 787-10 Dreamliners to test projects that can reduce carbon emissions and noise.

Photo: Boeing

Boeing and Etihad have been collaborating with industry-leading partners which include NASA and Safran Landing Systems to perform noise measurements from aircraft and ground sensors. The information will be used to evaluate aircraft noise analysis processes and the sound reduction efficiency of aircraft designs, including landing gear, which are updated for smoother operations.

Etihad ecoDemonstrator Program 1
Recently Painted ecoDemonstrator logo in Etihad 787-10

The research program was planned to last approximately 4 weeks and the tests included at least one flight during which pilots, air traffic controllers, and the operations center of an airline must concurrently exchange digital information in order to maximize route performance and increase safety by reducing workload and radio congestion.

The ecoDemonstrator initiative from Boeing speeds up progress by eliminating emerging innovations from the laboratory and testing them in the air to address real-world problems for airlines, travelers, and the climate. Every year a new aircraft is used as a flying test platform to determine projects that enhance the entire aviation ecosystem. The collaborative effort with potential customers for promoting the relentless development of new technologies and advancing aviation is essential to the ecoDemonstrator Programme.

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