The Gautam Buddha International Airport is ready for a calibration flight

The Gautam Buddha International Airport under construction is ready for a calibration flight. A calibration flight is a test to see if the equipment connected to the runway, tower, and other areas that direct flights and landings at the airport are working. Pravin Neupane, head of ICB II, Gautam Buddha International Airport Construction Project, said that the aircraft should be brought and test for landing.

Photo: Gorkhapatra

“We were busy preparing for the calibration flight, but in the meantime, the risk of coronavirus infection has increased and has now stopped. We are still working on bringing foreign technicians for continuous work to complete the calibration flights,” he said. According to Neupane, the work will start as soon as the current situation and international flights become comfortable.

The calibration flight shows whether the connected devices are working or not. Aerothai, a Thai company responsible for the construction of ICP II.

Gautam Buddha International Airport-aviationnepal
Photo: Gautam Buddha International Airport

At present, 120 domestic and foreign workers are working at the airport during a pandemic. Chief Admission Officer of Gautam Buddha International Site Project informed that work is being done by making arrangements for them to stay in the working area. There are currently 20 Chinese, 18 Indian, and more than 80 Nepali workers and technicians working in the airport area.

According to the official, work is underway to connect the interior, decoration, furnishing, false ceiling, and air conditioning of the departure and arrival halls of the terminal building. Similarly, gardening, landscape, painting, and marking works have been completed. Runway lights, control towers, conveyor belt machines, baggage handling systems, and other works have been completed.

All other works, including infrastructure and electrification within the airport area, have been completed. The fencing work has been completed, and the periphery road (inner) has been constructed. An external road is being built. The project chief said there is a problem with human resources in making outer roads due to corona.

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