The Indian Embassy request Nepal to facilitate reasonable airfare for Indians

The Indian embassy in Kathmandu wrote a letter to the government of Nepal after charging high fares for charter flights.

The Indian embassy has sent a letter to the Nepali government seeking help after charter fares were levied on at least 2,000 Indian nationals stranded in Kathmandu before the ban on air travel to Saudi Arabia and Dammam.

In a letter to the Government of Nepal on Monday, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu requested the government to intervene as some members of the Nepal Association of Tour & Travel Agents (NATTA), an umbrella organization of Nepali travel agencies, are charging exorbitant commission fees on tickets.

Nepal permits the Indian citizens to depart Saudi Arabia. The Nepal Airlines corporation has set a fee of Rs 89,000 per person for Riyadh and Rs 84,500 for Dammam.

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