The last flight of British Airways B747 G-CIVW will be transferred to the film set

British Airways 747 had flown to Dunsfold Aerodrome, whereby the new role for the aircraft continue only as TV and film studio.

The plane, registered G-CIVW, depart at 13:30 as flight number BA1978E from Cardiff Airport, arriving a couple of hours later at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey. Upon arriving, it transferred across to the airport to maintain the plane to be used as a professional movie set & learning facility. The airplane that will retain its Chatham Dockyard livery would be retained on the general public’s airfield.

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G-CIVW last landing

“Over time, the airplane would be unveiled as a museum for tourists to witness the size and scope of the Queen of the Skies close up. Like most other 747s, the aircraft and the entertainment industry have transported several celebrities around its cabins and have toured areas such as Los Angeles and New York. Jim McAllister, Dunsfold Aerodrome chief executive, remarked:” The 747 is a 747.

cockpit of G-CIVW photo by

“Although G-CIVW would no longer operate, the plane will be maintained and granted a new perspective on life in the field on TV and movies, skill development, and special events.” Since joining the British Airways service on May 15, 1998, G-CIVW conducted 11,424 flights and traveled across 45 million miles across 90,617 hours. On March 28 of this year, the very last commercial flight was also from Boston to Heathrow. since its last operational flight, G-CIVW traveled over 45 million miles.

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