The Massive Monsoon Halts Domestic Flights Operation

The Massive Monsoon Halts Domestic Flights Operation

Prem Mainali


The pouring continued for few days has created a big problem for domestic flights in the country. Though fluctuation in weather and cloudy environment has not been serious problem for International flights, but the hilly and mountainous region has been totally affected by rapid monsoon. The change in weather has especially distracted the flights from Tribhuvan Airport to eastern hills and some of the airport of western region, said TIA.

The country’s only International Airport, VNKT has been conducting its scheduled international flights on regular basis. According to General Manager of TIA Devananda Upadhyaya,” some of the domestic flight has only been affected by the rain”. Hilly districts like Solukhumbu, Bhojpur, Taplejung and so on has problem with flight due to poor visibility. Weather Forecast division also clearly mentioned that except some of the parts of eastern hills due to lack of proper visibility, there is no problem with other flights.

Meteorologist Subash Rimal added that flight to eastern part probably Okhaldhuna, Taplejung has been affected because of dense fog and clouds where as other places has no problem regarding this matter. According to TIA authority, eight airlines conducts domestic flights and 26 airlines are operating international flights.

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