The most expensive private jet in the world-blend of luxury and comfort

When you are super-rich, you can travel in luxury and comfort. Airlines’ first-class services may cater to your luxury needs. You also have the option of chartering the aircraft, but when you own a private jet, the greatest freedom comes along your way. Private jets aren’t just aircraft of fancies; they are real luxuries as they have lavish furnishings, unrivaled elegance in their interior with plenty of space, individualized attention, and sumptuous cuisine that can tantalize your tastebuds. Having a private jet lets, you travel in style and comfort on board. These jets tend to be exorbitant and worth a king’s ransom. Here is the list of the world’s ten most expensive private jet .

1. Airbus A380 VVIP

Also known as a flying palace, Airbus A380 is a modern icon that introduces unique experience in terms of in-flight comfort inside the world’s largest and most its pride in being the most expensive private jet in the world. The 550 meter-squared jet has a beautiful decoration with lavishing furnishings set up with its own concert hall, Turkish bath, and a garage for Rolls Royce. There’s even a prayer room with electronic mats that rotates to face Mecca automatically. His Royal Highness Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia ordered this expensive Airbus A380 jets in 2007 at Dubai Airshow.

The lavish interior, conference rooms, car garage, 20 VIP suites on the main deck, and five large cabins with king-sized beds perfectly match the Saudi prince’s exquisite throne. The most exclusive plane has a maximum speed of 1,050 km, and the flight range tops out at 15,700 km. Although this luxurious aircraft has so many amenities to offer, a lot of promises have been made, but it was never delivered. The cost of this lavish Airbus A380 is around $500-600 million.

2. Air Force One ($660 million)

The highly customized Boeing 747-200B, Air Force One is the name of the US Air Force aircraft. Money won’t get you an entry on this plane as it carries the world’s most influential personality, i.e., the president of the United States. The presidential air fleet is referred to within the government by VC-25A, which is the military designation.

Encompassing personal space for each of the retinue members, the cabin area exceeds 370sq. Meter and possess a medical suite (with a fully operating room), a conference room, gym, and multiple sleeping quarters. The aircraft is modernized with improved radio navigation and communication equipment features and serves as a chief government management center during prolonged flights. The features of this well-known plane on the planet are:

  • Physically and electronically hardened.
  • Three decks and 4000 sq. feet
  • Ability to refuel in-flight
  • Secure communication channel and system to defend standard attacks and unusual circumstances
  • Seats up to 70 passengers and 26 crew members
  • Accompanied by two fighter jets

This presidential VC-25A Air Force One has an estimated cost of $660 million, although billion dollars might have been spent to modernize and rework the aircraft, making it one of the most expensive private jet in the world.

3. Airbus A340-300 ($350-500 million)

The privately-owned Airbus Corporate Jet A340-300 is one of the opulent and luxurious aircraft that you see in the world. Costing more than 100 million USD for the interiors only, it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive private jet in the world. The superior level of space and comfort, all routes capability, and VIP cabins complement the biggest business jet in the Russian Federation. Registered in the Isle of Man, the aircraft is owned by businessman Alisher Usmanov-the richest man of Russia.

Although the original cost of this luxurious private jet is $238 million, the cost of refitment and additions to the interior decoration and technology easily cruises this spectacular air vessel to the price of $350-$500 million. The luxuriously painted plane gained the title ‘Bourkhan,’ a marvel of respect to Usmanov’s father.

4. Boeing BBJ 777-8 (Above $300 million)

Arguably one of the most expensive private jet around the globe, Boeing Business Jets or BBJ is reserved for highly affluent elites. Bringing the best of commercial aviation into the realm of private air travel, Boeing BBJ is uniquely customized to cater to wider purposes of private, business, or civic sectors. It features a spacious 3,256 sq. ft improved acoustic cabin and can comfortably seat 40 people.

The twin-engine BBJ 777-8 offers innumerable exclusive offerings ranging from extensive, personalized space, unmatched reliability to perfect enjoyable long-haul flights. The robust characteristics of this private jet provide an excellent value preposition featuring multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, heated marble flooring, costing upwards of more than $300 million. The private jet version of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is one of the favorites of high-end charter operators, national governments as well as billionaires on the planet.

5. Boeing 747-8 VIP ($367 million)

Boeing’s line of private jets 747-8VIP belongs to Hong Kong real-estate tycoon Joseph Lau. Aptly nicknamed the Dreamliner, it features an exclusive design in hand with the latest technology that can reach the speed of 1195 km/hr and with a maximum range of 17,020 kilometers. The 4.45 square meter interior is equipped with a stateroom, dining room, lounges, and spiral staircase.

Boeing 747-8 VIP

Vaulted ceilings and video displays on the walls add to the aircraft’s charm and minimalistic design. The price tag for this VIP model of Boeing 747 is USD 153 million, with tycoon Lau pulling out all the stops in customizing the aircraft with 214 million USD.

6. Airbus ACJ 350 XWB (over $300 million)

The exclusive product of Airbus Corporate Jet, Airbus ACJ350, is renowned for its Xtra easiness and comfort. The second home for the VIPs in the sky, this private jet is also the world’s expensive private jet, costing over 300 million for just an aircraft. Just as its title XWB-Xtra Widebody, the sweet taste of unparallel comfort on the spacious cabin tarnishes all of your fatigue and fits your flexibility needs. This expensive private jet is fully customizable, coming with ‘easy fit cabin outfitting’ with its interior designed by Lufthansa Technik.

Interior of Airbus ACJ 350 XWB

This widebody jet can fly nonstop for many hours and easily accommodate 25 VIP passengers. The next-generation carbon composite materials strengthen the aircraft fuselage. Which is also in the list of most expensive private jet. There are VIP bathrooms, bedrooms, private offices, lounge areas, and family spaces inside the aircraft.

7. Boeing 747-300 ($250 million)

Owning this private jet is one of the world’s richest men-the Sultan of Brunei. The lap of luxury, Boeing 747, is equipped with a lavish interior replete with gold and crystal. Which is also in the list of most expensive private jet. It’s not surprising that the Sultan has his aircraft brimming with gold and fine woods that scream luxury all over the plane.

Boeing 747-300 of Sultan of Brunei

The living room, bedroom, washbasin made of solid gold all reflect the sovereign luxury. Adding to the original price of $100 million, the modernization and customization of the aircraft to ensure the high standard of luxury makes it worth almost USD 250 million. The luxurious jet is powered by turbofan jet engines that cruise it at the speed of 988km/hr.

8. Boeing 767-33A ER ($170 million)

On the list of most expensive private jet comes Boeing 767-33A ER owned by businessman Roman Abramovich. Exceeding the catalog value of $170 million, the aircraft has a bright coloring with slanting black stripes near the end windows of the cockpit, giving it the name ‘Bandit.’ The lavish décor of the airplane’s interior is made up of precious metals and woods.

Boeing 767-33A ER owned by businessman Roman Abramovich

The most distinguishing feature of this lavishly appointed General Electric GF6-8062 B2F power engine-aircraft is that it is equipped with a missile system onboard. The plane has a 4.5m wide cabin that features a banquet hall that can cater for 30 people and can easily transfer Chelsea’s players from game to game at the maximum cruising speed of 850km/hr. The inner furnishing and functionality of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich challenge the extravagant and expensive aircraft of many world tycoons.

9. Gulfstream III ($125 million)

Gulfstream III is an advanced business jet owned by an American movie, TV actor, and director Tyler Perry. Which is also in the list of most expensive private jets. The aircraft is also called flying theater because it has a customized theater on board, including several big-screen viewing rooms with special lightings, multiple Blu-ray players, iPod docking stations, and electronically controlled window shades. Formal dining room, fully equipped custom kitchen is the other attraction of this 125 million dollar aircraft.

Cabin of Gulfstream III

10. Boeing 757 (Above $100 million)

Boeing 757 on the list of most expensive private jet belongs to one and only Donald Trump. The former US president and his family travel around in this aircraft whose interior is lined in 24k gold along with private bedrooms, a cinema room, and plenty of storage space. This private luxury jet has Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan engines that can travel all over the world at over 500 miles per hour. The cost of this aircraft is over USD 100 million.

Boeing 757 of Donald Trump

These are the most expensive and extravagant aircraft that are the epitome of ultimate luxury. One needs a deep pocket to travel in such comfortable, sleek, and fully equipped aircraft. Private jets give the opportunity of flying like a king. Aren’t we all excited to take the jet-setting lifestyle to a whole new level? Which aircraft do you find the most unique and lavishly appointed?

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