The new building of NAC to be constructed at Sinamangal.

The new building of NAC to be constructed at Sinamangal .

June 17th, 2016 – Anurup Pathak – The Headquarter of the Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) located at Newroad will be demolished to construct the multi-complex building under the investment of private sector. Demolishing the present and office building for commercial purposes the management decided to move the corporation to Sinamangal on Monday.

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Photo Courtesy: Bishal Tamang

A decision of demolishing Newroad Headquarter and constructing modern complex has been passed’ said Ram Hari Sharma, the spokesperson of NAC. He further informed that the NAC management committee has demanded a detail study/research report. Within this decision of management committee. NAC has planned to erect the building governed by the building code. NAC shall conduct detail study on the construction of new complex by forming a task force of independent engineers.

Before demolishing the building at Newroad the private entrepreneurs have to built the building of corporation at sinamangal which occupies 34 ropanees land. The Sinamagal’s building would be the major corporate building. The NAC headquarter will be shifted to Sinamangal after the completion of building and the new complex will be started at Newroad by demolishing the old building of NAC.

The Corporation building at Newroad and Sinamangal will be the private sector’s investment. “We are building a system to boot. We lived in the house sinamangal and at newroad construction of the party is to have a few years to implement and be based on our understanding. Our full ownership of the house is finished timeout at newroad at newroad”Sharma said.

The area of corporation is larger in comparison to Newroad. It is said, various lines agencies shall be rent in the complex. Corporation own’s own property/building in 20 district, including Kathmandu which has two site. At Nepalgunj and Biratnagar, said the NAC had already outlined a business complex.

Three years earlier NAC had requested Ministry of Tourism for permit to build the complex, however the ministry had not decided.

NAC’s annual ground handling income is nearly 3.5 billion which has been projected to 11 billions for this year, including the contribution of housing rent beside passengers fare and cargo.

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