The next aviation biofuel

The next aviation biofuel

Researchers of National Academy of Sciences have found new formula to extract renewable biofuel from the mixture of sugarcane’s sugar and waste material known as “bagasse”. The scaled up production of the biofuel could be a very reliable for aviation industry.

But there are substantial requirements that the new biofuel should meet before using it as aviation fuel. The fuel should not content any oxygen content, fuel containing oxygen may decrease the energy density of the fuel and delivers low thrust. The fuel should also have the precise boiling point to obtain the property known as “lubricity”to prevent excessive wear of turbine components. The fuel should have low pour point (viscous) when the aircraft is up in the stratosphere at around -40˚C to -50˚C. The new biofuel passes all these important requirements to be used as the aviation fuel.

If approved by the authorities, the global carbon emission rates will substantially decrease and reduces the consumption of petroleum products. The potential of the biofuel promises the green future and softens the effects of harsh climatic change.

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