The only Cafeteria at TIA sterile zone shut down

Around a week ago, Subash Shrestha, owner of Kantipur Café, the only café inside the sterile zone of sole international airport Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) was caught red handed with undeclared money which was being smuggled to Bangkok.

Now, the TIA security committee has shut down the café after the incident.

Last Friday, Shrestha was caught with the around 22,000 Thai baht, 10,000 USD, 1,380 Euros and around 80,000 Chinese Yuan at Boarding gate 5 of sterile zone. Shrestha with his wife and 3 children were preparing to board Thai air flight to Bangkok with the money equivalent to NPR 3.6 million.

Shrestha had entered the zone without checking as he had pass of airport as his café was at the zone. He has been suspected of smuggling such undeclared money previously as he had pass of the area and could enter the area without being checked.

The only café at the area was stated to be established under influence of high level officials.

The closure of the only café is however set to affect passengers as passengers who have entered the zone will not be allowed to return unless emergency.

The airport management team has now arranged to let passengers enter the area only 45 minutes prior to take-off to minimize the effect of the closure of the café as the café is sealed and being investigated by revenue department and is unsure when the café will be open for business.

Shrestha has been bailed out of jail with the investigation being continued.

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