The Top Things to Do in Pasadena, Maryland

Pasadena is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, which contains Riviera Beach and Lake Shore. All three of these places are in Anne Arundel County. Therefore, the same public schools, police stations, and fire departments serve those three zones.

Overall, Pasadena is mostly residential, but the community offers plenty of attractions to serve tourists. It sits next to the Chesapeake Bay, with various parks, green open spaces, and beaches. Golf is another great pastime here. In fact, Pasadena offers many golf courses, such as Pasadena Golf Center and Compass Pointe, which are open to the public.

The shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Downs Park, in Pasadena, Maryland. Photo from

Here are the top things to do in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, which includes Pasadena:

Fort Smallwood Park

Fort Smallwood was a coastal defense site from the 1880s to the 1900s. It protected the area until 1927, but the park is now one of the top recreational places in Pasadena. You can find a children’s playground, various historic sites, and fishing spots.

Bill Burton’s Fishing Pier is 380 feet long, so plenty of fishing spots are available. Plus, it’s ideal for bird watchers and has gorgeous scenery. If you enjoy hiking in Pasadena, MD, the history buffs can help you see the vintage barracks and gun batteries. Cedar Pavilion is also rentable for gatherings!

Fifer’s Seafood

Since Pasadena, Maryland, is close to the ocean, you’ve got to stop by for some specialty seafood. Crabs are a great choice, and Fifer’s Seafood can help you enjoy the taste. Plus, it serves steamed crabs throughout the year. The restaurant cooks the food to order and offers an all-you-can-eat special.

Pasadena Golf Center

Living in Pasadena, Maryland, you won’t run out of fun things to do. Go to the Pasadena Golf Center to practice on the driving range, and send the kids over to play miniature golf. There are 34 different stations here. Batting cages are popular with children.

Plus, you can book Pasadena Golf Center for events and parties because it has a patio of 1,600 square feet. The best part is it’s affordable, so you don’t break the bank!

Escape Proving Ground

Many cities are bringing escape rooms to their communities, and Pasadena, MD, is no different. Escape Proving Ground has everything if you want a corporate team-building option or wish to bring friends and family.

You gather clues and solve puzzles to win the game, but you only have 60 minutes to do so. The top choices are Pasadena Wizarding Academy and The Lost City of Atlantis.

Compass Pointe Golf Course

Pasadena, MD, is home to Compass Pointe Golf Course, where you can take lessons and learn how to play your best. In fact, there’s a real PGA instructor, and golf pros may also join the classes.

There are beautiful learning facilities here, such as the grass teeing area and 36 holes for championship golf.

Lake Waterford Park

Lake Waterford Park is right on the corner of Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard and Pasadena Road. It has 108 acres filled with various outdoor activities and natural zones. Plus, the lake is 12 acres alone, and you can see waterfowl play on the surface while you fish.

Three pavilions are available for group reservations, and the “boundless” playground is fun for children. Overall, you can experience picnic areas, go hiking, play basketball and tennis, and more.

AMF Southdale Lanes

If your family likes bowling, you should visit AMF Southdale Lanes in Pasadena, Maryland. It’s great for dates, family nights, corporate outings, and birthday parties. Plus, there’s a small restaurant for beverages and meals. Arcade games are also there, so everyone can do what they like most.

Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach

Many homeowners in Pasadena, MD, have pets. You can visit Downs Memorial Park Dog Beach to let your furry friends stretch their legs and find new companions. There’s a water park area for pups to splash around and so much more.

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Antiques on the Go

If you like shopping, you have to check out Antiques on the Go. This antique mall offers interesting and quirky items. While it’s set up for tourism, you can live in Pasadena and still search for amazing finds. The shelves get stocked with new things each day.

The mall sells many items, such as vintage toys, furniture, and old clocks. Browse the shelves for books and other things that tickle your fancy. When you get a day off work, make sure you stop by this area to have a great time.

Artsy Partsy

Families want their children to express themselves healthily, and Artsy Partsy can help. This art studio is right in Pasadena. Enroll the kids in art classes to help them connect with the world and have a fun time. There are even DIY art kits that you and your children can paint together.

In summer, there’s an eight-week art camp available for kids. They learn to create art using various mediums. Plus, Family Paint Night is a hip thing to do in the area!

Protecting Your Family

While the county that holds Pasadena is relatively safe, protecting your possessions and family is still important. The best thing you can do is work with a local locksmith. They offer advice on what locking mechanisms you need. Plus, they can talk to you about safes, home automation, and security systems for the house.

When you want to get out of the house and experience everything Pasadena offers, it’s crucial to feel comfortable leaving your home. Locksmiths help you do that. Plus, they can come for emergency services if you lose your car keys or get locked out. There are so many reasons to rely on them!


Get out and experience what Pasadena has to offer. Whether you just moved here or have lived here for years, you’re missing out on fun and excitement.

If you’re worried about your home or business and want to keep it safe while you’re gone, a residential or commercial locksmith is the best choice. This professional can help you determine what you need. Most people aren’t sure about the lock choices and benefits of each. Please contact us to learn more and get assistance when it matters most.

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