The unsung heroes of any successful flight

unsung heroes - aviationnepal
Helping hands to make sure the aircraft is clean ! Photo Source: Sarim Sarim

The unsung heroes of any successful flight

Kathmandu – 03 November 2016 

When it comes to aviation, most of us see and notice the pilots, the air hostesses, aircraft engineers and technicians whose efforts are eminent and considered fairly immense. But, airplanes and airlines are not just the entity of these mentioned people. There are many unseen and unsung heroes who deliver everyday their best to make the air travel better and comfortable.

How often you notice that an airplane is always clean? There is always a pleasant environment inside the aircraft when you enter the cabin. You relax and travel in soothing mood. You are always sure that air travel will be comfortable than rest of the travelling modes and adamantly hygienic and spend your money carefree on the tickets. But to make sure of your fathom, the ground staffs always work day and night to make sure of every need of the passengers. The ground staffs perform several important duties to guarantee the safety and ease of the passengers and crew members, including checking baggage, stocking the aircraft with munchies, and cleaning the plane as well as runway between the flights.

unsung heroes - aviationnepal
Mrs. Mina Thapa ! Source: Udaan Magazine

Mrs. Mina Thapa, who is one of the ground staff members, works on the aerodrome and makes sure that the airport, is well cleaned. She and her workmates work on the runway and parking areas.

These people must oblige the ramps, runways and surrounding areas do not comprise any garbage or debris present that could damage to the plane which is very important for air safety as well as cleaning the cabin between flights. Some ground staff members work directly with customers to respond questions and endow with information regarding flight times, delays and any common queries the customer has prior to boarding. Ground staff effort with the aircraft, crew and customers to ensure each flight is safe and enjoyable.

Likewise, the passengers’ service agents who take reservations, issue tickets, verify passenger identification, printing boarding passes, and assist travelers to check-in their luggage at ticket counters ensure the delivery of baggage while ushering security screenings of passengers and the baggage as well making sure that passengers have no trouble dealing with tickets and flight information. Additionally, the agents also work at departure and arrival gates where they confirm tickets, authenticate traveler counts, and announce boarding sections. Other tasks include responding to telephone queries and providing flight exit and arrival information. Passenger service agents also assist those needing special attention, counting the aged and unaccompanied minors, as well as passengers who have missed their flights.

Besides service agents, a sky cap is a porter who is employed at an airport who often waits near the curb, so that they can convene passengers as they reach the destination with particularly heavy luggage and they have access to luggage carts for moving the luggage around, and they may also assist with wheelchairs, strollers, and oversized items. Most skycaps also carry out curbside check-ins for flights, allowing passengers to skip the lines at the airline’s counter, help unload belongings from cars and taxis, and they also respond questions from passengers and family members.

The contribution of the airport security professionals is unquestionably massive. They are required to supervise several security programs and implement them in airports. They are requisite to inspect, monitor, and screen all the passengers to make sure that safety is maintained. The security officers usually carry out patrols in airports, resolve inquires from passengers, use metal detectors and X-ray devices, assist with emergency situations and inspect passengers. They are responsible for controlling the admittance of people and stuffs to a plane which is the crucial part for safety as dangerous items if found on a plane can create massive loss.

In conclusion, an airport is not about all the limelight on those beautiful airplanes and glam of pilot and air hostess. When we dig in deeper, it’s a more sophisticated and intricate balance that is created with different people working together to reach a common goal and that is to help each other directly or indirectly. Every person has a vital role to play behind every successful flight. We owe our respect and thank the meticulous personnel for their hard work and tenacity.

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