The UpLift journey takes off as Deutsche Aircraft supports German Aerospace Center (DLR) pilots with D328® simulator training

    German OEM Deutsche Aircraft is showing support for pilots from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) who will be flying the D328 UpLift aircraft by offering simulator training at Simulator Training Solution(STS GmbH) based in Velbert.

    The journey of the UpLift aircraft continues with pilot training for the D328 type aircraft ahead of the Nationale Luftfahrtkonferenz (German National Aviation Conference), which will take place in Hamburg on 25 September 2023.

    As the big day approaches, preparations are currently underway for the initial changes to the D328 UpLift aircraft. The livery transformation is taking place in the hangar in Oberpfaffenhofen Airport and training has begun for the DLR cockpit crew who will be flying the aircraft from Munich’s Oberpfaffenhofen Airport to Hamburg, where the new livery will be unveiled to the public.

    Initial preparations have begun for the UpLift unveiling at the Nationale Luftfahrtkonferenz in September 2023 with pilot simulator training in Velbert for the D328 Turboprop aircraft.

    Conny Cornelius, Test Pilot at Deutsche Aircraft, remarks,“It is a fantastic opportunity to be able to work with colleagues from DLR to support future developments in aviation. It is time to show them the capabilities of the D328 Turboprop as the perfect flying testbed as part of the UpLift programme.”

    Jan Hünerfeld, CEO of STS GmbH, states, “We are proud to be part of aviation history with our state-of-the-art D328 simulator training centre. Here, we can support DLR pilots in their training for the UpLift aircraft which will be part of German aviation history. At STS, we want to continue to support Deutsche Aircraft’s mission, as well as becoming a key service provider to D328 aircraft operators.”

    Since 2020, Deutsche Aircraft has collaborated with Simulator Training Solution, which is the sole simulator training centre for operators of the D328 family of aircraft.

    With the support of Deutsche Aircraft, the DLR pilots will continue flight training at the Research Airport in Braunschweig.

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