The World’s Best Universities to Study Aviation

According to Boeing, the next 20 years will see the highest ever demand for skilled employees in international aviation. In particular, some 800,000 private and commercial pilots will be needed!

The expected demand will be driven by a doubling of the global commercial fleet, record-high demand for air travel, and a shrinking workforce.

It’s time to study aviation, isn’t it? Many aviation majors are available at foreign universities today, from direct piloting training and licensing to degrees in aviation management, airline management, aviation business, and more.

Studying in an aviation department is not easy and requires effort. That’s why it’s worth choosing such a profession responsibly. After all, if you are not inspired and motivated by this direction, you will skip lectures and wonder, “Who can write my paper for me”? And given that the aviation specialty is very responsible, it is important to master it as well as possible, making every effort. But If you decide to bound your life with the sky, we suggest you learn about the best foreign universities for studying aviation, located in different world regions.

Kingston University, Great Britain

Approximate cost of education: $17,700 per year.

The aviation programs of Kingston University in London are one of the best in the UK and Europe. Top-rated is the university’s Bachelors of Honours in Aviation Operations program, which includes a year of commercial pilot training at Bournemouth Commercial Flight Training (BCFT), a private pilot training center in Dorset. The university also offers an undergraduate program in aeronautical engineering that leads to professional engineer status with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

IUBH University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Approximate Cost of Tuition: $14,800 per year.

International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef specializes in preparing professional aviation managers. Graduates work for significant traditional companies such as Lufthansa and Air France-KLM and low-cost companies like Eurowings. Studying in English, the university offers a bachelor’s degree in aviation management, a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree in international aviation management.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Approximate tuition fee: $10,000 per year

As one of Finland’s most innovative universities, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences focuses on education and innovation in aviation. It even hosts the Future of Aviation Forums presented by partner companies such as IATA, Norra, Paradox Oy, HEMS operations, SUAI, Aeroflot, Lufthansa Cargo, and others. Based on the Helsinki and Porvoo campuses, the university offers popular undergraduate and graduate programs in the aviation business and in the aviation and tourism business. The programs also include internships at the university’s partner companies.

Purdue University, USA

Approximate cost of tuition: $28,000 per year

Purdue University’s flight school, where Neil Armstrong graduated, was nicknamed “the cradle of astronauts” by US News & World Report. It is also the only school whose students fly airplanes during their studies. Students can pursue careers as pilots through the university’s College of Technology, specializing in aviation management, aeronautical engineering, and flight technology. The university’s flight school aircraft fleet includes such machines as 16 Cirrus SR20s, Piper Seminole, Super Decathlon, Beechjet, and Phenom 300.

University of the Fraser Valley, Canada

Approximate Cost of Education: $13,000 per year

University of the Fraser Valley offers a very popular Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Aviation. The program lasts four years and includes an extensive internship and practicum program. Students graduate with a bachelor’s degree, a private pilot’s license, and a commercial pilot’s license, which allow them to fly different types of aircraft in different environments. Both licenses meet ICAO standards, allowing for domestic and international flights.

Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Approximate annual tuition: $39,700

Florida Institute of Technology has a separate College of Aeronautics, preparing top professionals for global aviation. College students can access the best opportunities and resources, from an excellent state-of-the-art flight fleet and flight simulators to cutting-edge research equipment. The college’s support also helps graduates join the ranks of the most sought-after and highest-paid professionals. The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs in pilot training, aviation management, air traffic control, air traffic control and operations, flight planning, aviation meteorology, etc.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

Approximate tuition fee: $17,800 per year

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong’s leading technical university, has an Aeronautical and Aeronautical Engineering department that trains the region’s best pilots and airline employees. The department offers pilot training courses for operating different aircraft types, undergraduate and graduate programs in aeronautical engineering, aviation management, air transportation, aviation management, and logistics. The university also has an Aviation Services Research Center (ASRC), opened in partnership with Boeing Corporate. In addition, students of aviation programs can continue their studies at the partner University of New South Wales (Australia).

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Approximate tuition fee: $3,200 per year

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia offers Malaysia’s premier aviation engineering program, preparing aviation technicians for jobs throughout Asia. It offers a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering concentrating in aeronautical engineering. The curriculum covers five major areas such as aerodynamics, aircraft structure, dynamics and flight control, propulsion, and aircraft design. Graduates of the program are employed by companies such as Malaysia Airline System, Air Asia, AIROD, SME Aviation, Malaysia Helicopter Services (MHS), TLDM, and PDRM Air Unit. Those wishing to do so can also pursue further studies at the master’s level.

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

Approximate cost of tuition: $6,600 per year

Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore boasts the regionally renowned Temasek Aviation Academy with specialized training centers for airport and airline operations, air traffic control, pilots, and licensed aviation engineers. The academy boasts the latest state-of-the-art aerospace and aviation training equipment, including flight simulators for pilot training and a flight fleet. In addition, the academy has its own Aviation Research Center. The institution offers English-language diploma and degree programs in piloting, aviation management, aeronautical engineering, and electronics for students worldwide.

TAFE Queensland, Australia

Approximate Cost of Tuition: $10,900 per year

Joining forces with education providers such as Aviation Australia, Townsville Flight Training and Airwork Helicopters, TAFE Queensland Australia offers a suite of first-class aviation programs to train pilots, flight attendants, aircraft maintenance engineers, or remote pilots. The university’s diploma and certificate programs lead to a commercial pilot license, an air transport pilot license, a remote pilot license, and engineering and maintenance licenses that allow you to work in Australia and overseas. The university process includes an extensive internship and apprenticeship program.

Massey University, New Zealand

Approximate cost of tuition: $19,400 per year

Massey University is the only university in New Zealand with its flight school. The school has the best equipment, including modern flight simulators, various types of training aircraft, a new aviation complex, and research centers. It offers the best training programs in the country at all levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and professional development programs. The school offers specializations in aviation, aviation management, and aviation business. Pilot training also leads to professional licenses valid in New Zealand and worldwide.

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Approximate cost of education: $ 17,700 per year

The University of Southern Queensland is one of Australia’s leading educational institutions. The university’s aviation division offers a wide range of programs. In particular, undergraduate programs in aviation, aviation management, aviation operations, and aviation safety are available. Higher diploma and certificate programs, master’s degrees in aviation, specialized aviation, aviation management, and human factors studies are also offered. Top students studying aviation at the University of Southern Queensland have access to the Qantas Group Future Pilot Program, which aims to train professional pilots and provide them with an ideal and fulfilling flying experience.

But If you decide to bound your life with the sky, we suggest you learn about the best foreign universities for studying aviation, located in different world regions, along with best flight schools in U.S.

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