The world’s first in-flight draft beer service in KLM

The world’s first in-flight draft beer service in KLM

After the discovery of an innovative dispenser to pour a perfect pint at high altitude following years of experiment, a Dutch carrier KLM Airlines presents the first ever in-flight service with draught beer on tap.

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The air pressure on higher altitude at the flight levels where airplanes fly is significantly low than at sea level because of which a traditional beer tap cannot work like normal. As a result it will give much foam than usual. Team of Edwin Griffioen, Heineken’s Supply Development Manager for Global innovation and his team and discovered a way to serve more than just foam after huge research.

This is a process starting from the cold drinks being delivered to the airport specially loaded into designed drink carts to keep the beer frosty at 41F to fitting it in a cooling system and the air pressure compressor inside an airline trolley. But unfortunately the cooling system couldn’t fit in the entire system because of which it was withdrawn from the process, according to Griffioen.

The trolleys have been redesigned to resemble a giant thermos flask which will help the beer to remain under five degree Celsius and they have successfully done a test to manage a temperature of 3.5 degree Celsius after seven hours of loading. The tap’s diameter and air pressure have been set to exactly the right combination will delivers exactly same beer to the glasses above 36,000 feet off the ground.

With all these preparation KLM was set to introduce it in the flights of July 2 for the very first time but got postponed as the authorities are still working for the safety certificates from Civil Aviation. The company expects its deploy within a month on some selected flights.




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