Things to do near Las Vegas, the ten best day trips from Las Vegas

Things to do near Las Vegas, the ten best day trips from Las Vegas. On the wonderful journey to fulfill the promptings of destiny, some places in this world are legendary. There’s a heightened sensitivity to the promises of life, more riotous excursion with the privileged glimpse into human-made attractions. The city of entertainment, Las Vegas, is well known as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World.’

Las Vegas offers you a wide array of amusing activities, including stage performances, magic shows, gambling, concerts, gastronomy options, etc. Glamorous casinos, live performances of stylish celebrity visitors, and endless entertainment streams lie at the heart of the Nevada desert. Just outside Las Vegas, the rest of Nevada and neighboring states all have plenty of picturesque attractions, from modernistic marvel to awe-striking natural creations. There are a plethora of natural and state parks and artificial endearment within driving distance of Las Vegas.  Apart from day trips, the long night of Las Vegas powered by the neon lights of clubs and larger-than-life casinos entices you to sink into the world of music and gambling.

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Nevada town is widely recognized for its heady mix of the extravagant, stupendous, gaudy. Las Vegas might exhaust you with its ever-finishing offerings, as there’s something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the city’s buzzing within the driving distance or a little further to your destinations, here are some of the stunning days trips one can take from Las Vegas. Las Vegas accumulates the excitement of betting with its own local flavor and sea sand beaches by presenting its own takes on gaming getaways. Enjoy your incredible experience in the absolute day trips from Las Vegas that will cater to day-trippers of all stripes.

1. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Only 23 miles west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a jaw-dropping natural wonder conservation area. Over 26 hiking trails, from casual walking to exhausting uphill climbs, pass over Red Rock Canyon that will lead you to petroglyphs or desert wildflowers blooming area from late March to early May. Like rock climbing? You’ll love red rock canyon. Scenic Drive is a one-way road that allows bicycle rides. You’ll drive past multiple spectacular viewpoints, geographical formations, including Aztec sandstone cliffs. Calico Hills Trail offers a good overview of shady gorges and red bluffs.

  • Driving distance-23 miles
  • Must see and do- Biking, off-road driving in a permitted area, Calico Hills Trails, Scenic Drive, Petroglyphs, etc.
  • Best time to visit- winter and spring

2. Valley of Fire

The state park of geographic marvel created by shifting dunes, Valley of Fire is one of Nevada’s most stunning natural wonders. Home to native Indian petroglyphs dating back to 2000 years, the Valley of Fire is only about an hour away, where you’ll witness 4000 acres of ancient red-hued Aztec sandstone formations, iconic landscapes, and even dinosaur bones. Trails around the Valley of Fire are not so complicated, with Fire Wave Trail, Elephant rock, or Petro-covered Atlatl rock demanding your attention to explore.

  • Driving distance-49 miles
  • Must see and do- Aztec sandstone, Elephant rock, Fire Wave Trail, Valley of Fire state park, petro covered Atlatl rock, Arch rock, hiking, rock climbing.
  • Best time to visit- Between October and April

3. Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

Hoover Dam is the epitome of human intelligence and architectural design. It presents you with a stunning look inside some marvelous civil engineering and architectural landmark. This work of art stands more than 700 feet high and crosses the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. With its potential to irrigate 2 million acres and providing electricity to millions of people in Nevada, Arizona, and California, Hoover Dam is just a hop and jump away from the neon lights of Las Vegas, without which Las Vegas might still be a railroad depot in the center of Nevada desert.

day trips from Las Vegas at the Hoover Dam
In articles day trips from Las Vegas . Photo: The Hoover Dam

This national historic landmark, a stunning day trip from Las Vegas, was opened in 1936, responsible for the creation of Lake Mead. Lake Mead is one of the largest reservoirs in the world. Throughout the day, you can take tours of the Dam complex and neighboring power plants. Hoover Dam Auditorium and Visitor Center offer you to learn about the power Hoover Dam generates and the history behind its construction over four years during the great depression. You can also reach the Observation Deck atop the Visitor Center; take tours of Lake Mead, Colorado rivers. Admire the exceptional example of architecture in Hoover Dam.

day trips from Las Vegas at the lake mead
Lake Mead photo by Shauna Dankberg
  • Driving distance- 37 miles
  • Must see and do- Lake Mead, a tour of historic Hoover Dam Power Plant, canoe, kayak, or raft below Hoover Dam
  • Best time to visit- Before 2 PM. The dam shuts at 9 PM.

4. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s believed to be over 5 million old and is massive, and takes months to explore in its entirety. However, you can take a full day trip to Grand Canyon from Sin City to get a glimpse into its geological and cultural history. West Rim is located close to Sin City and takes pride in its glass-bottomed Skywalk, adrenaline-rushing zipline. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular natural tourist spots in the world. North Rim doesn’t have many attractions in terms of tourist mainstream perspective. South Rim is well-known for its camping and accommodation and is worth visiting all year. South Rim trail leads all the way to Maricopa Point, Hopi Point. You can even explore Grand Canyon Caverns. The national park’s entrance point Grand Canyon Village has some best vantage points, like Yavapai Point, Havasu Falls.

  • Driving distance-126 miles to West Rim
  • Must see and do- walk on glass-bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk, South Rim trail
  • Best time to visit- March through May, September through November

5. Death Valley

day trips from Las Vegas at death valley
Death valley

Another best day trip from Las Vegas is Death Valley. Death Valley National Park is one of the hottest, driest, and lowest national parks in the US. Scorching desert, startling contrast of landscapes to discover, and other harnesses of the environment in this area affect visitors. Yet, despite the name, this national park teems with life and entertainment. You can enjoy the blooming spring desert wildflowers, take photos of Mesquite San doons, experience the breathtaking view of Bad water Lake surrounded by the mountains with a salt rim, and witness the dramatic scenery of sand dunes and salt flats, Panamint springs. Death Valley will be an amazing day trip from Las Vegas to look out at the beautiful area of desert wonders and mysterious sights despite the forbidding name.

  • Driving distance-131 miles
  • Must see – Sand dune near stovepipe wells, Badwater Basin, the Race track, Zabriskie points, Dantes view.
  • Best time to visit-Spring or autumn. Summer months are hotter than expected.

6. Seven Magic Mountains

In articles day trips from Las Vega . Photo: Seven Magic Mountains, south of the Las Vegas Valley photo by Fox5

Another day trip from Las Vegas can be taken to seven tall, brightly colored boulders called seven magic mountains. Seven Magic Mountains’ uninhabitable and raw landscape contains the bright 30-foot tall totems that act as a transition between the natural and the artificial- natural being the soft desert wilderness and artificial being the infamously electric city just beyond. Contrary to many free things to indulge in in Las Vegas, this colorful creation is entirely free to the public and open from sunrise till sunset. Willing to take photos and upload them on social media? This gorgeous bright monument is Instagram-worthy.

  • Distance from Las Vegas- 25miles
  • Best time to visit-Any time of the year, it’s free to visit.

7. Zion National Park

Zion National Park photo by RV camping

Zion National Park lies in Southwestern Utah’s Washington, Iron, and Kane countries. It encompasses striking geological features, diverse wildlife, high plateaus, and a narrow, deep canyon labyrinth. The destination in its own right, Zion national park, consists of the Mojave desert, the Great Basin, Weeping Rock, the rocky mountains, the dramatic section of Zion Canyon, and Zion-Mountain Carnell.

  • Driving distance from Las Vegas-160 miles
  • Best time to visit- Spring and Fall

8. Area 51

Area 51 photo by CNN

Welcome to the so-called house of aliens and UFOs. Technically you can’t go to Area 51, as it is a closed military base, but you can drive on a scenic extraterrestrial highway to get facts on Area 51 at Alien Research Centre. It is the gateway to the great unknown as some aspects of this top-secret US Air Force military base are left to the imagination.

  • Driving distance-147 miles
  • Best time to visit- any time of the year to appeal to mystery.

9. Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a multifaceted ecosystem with a majestic slot canyon. It’s a colossal sandstone sculpture with multiple drainages and tall walls with a water-like structure.

10. Bryce Canyon National Park

It provides a delightful contrast to the bright light of Las Vegas. Bryce point, Inspiration point, sunset, and the sunrise point are some inspirational points offering various views of the main ample theater.

day trips from Las Vegas at Tower Bridge Trail Bryce Canyon National Park
Tower Bridge Trail Bryce Canyon National Park

The other day trip destinations are Mount Charleston, Mojave National Preserve, Cathedral Gorge State Park, Dixie National Forest, Goodsprings Ghost Down, Techatticup Mine, Nelson, Lost City Museum, and so on.

These worth-exploring day trips from Las Vegas provide a feeling of sheer wonderment. The Oasis in Nevada, Las Vegas, is the epicenter for tons of day trip destinations outside city limits to take breaks from shows and casinos. I hope these day trips will help you explore the wealth of natural wonders along with the full spectrum of sights in Nevada.  

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