Thomas Cook Airline had a great review and was the best Airlines so far.

Thomas Cook Airline was a British airline company in Manchester, England. On 23 September 2019, the carrier entered into liquidation. The charter and scheduled airline company began the service in 1086 as Trans-European Airways. Named in 2007; this event took place after the merging of Thomas Cook Group and MyTravel Group. It was part of Thomas Cook Group Airlines.

The airlines served destinations throughout the world. The company operated the services from 8 bases in the UK apart from Manchester and Gatwick airport. Thomas  Cook Airline, yet, was discontinued entirely since September of 2019.

Photo: Thomas Cook Airlines, by Pawel Momont

Various groups of Thomas Cook Airlines combined in 2013. The Thomas Cook Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Scandinavia, and Condor merged. They named themselves Thomas Cook airline group and carried more than 6.4 million passengers in 2015. The National Aviation Authority officially canceled the airplane’s AOC in November 2019.

The Thomas Cook Airline flew to more than 80 destinations. They flew to many parts of the world like Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. They had more than 34 airplanes in total with 27 Airbus A321 and 7 Airbus A330.

There were different cabins for the long haul and short and medium-haul flights. There are various features in those cabins. Let us talk about the long haul at first. The two significant cabins at the long-haul airplanes are:

  • Premium economy

The airlines offered a premium economy for the long-haul flights in A330 airbuses. Some of the significant features of this cabin were extra legroom and more full seats. Apart from this, there was personal entertainment and complimentary hot meals and drinks.

  • Economy

The second option of the airlines was the economy cabin for long haul-flights. Thomas Cook Airlines provided an economy cabin in A330 airbuses. Some of the features of this cabin were standard seat pitch and seat-back entertainment. The company also offers a complimentary hot meal.

The company also provided two cabins in the short and medium-haul flight. The two cottages were:

  • Economy

The first option of the cabins in Airbus A321 aircraft was an economy cabin. The plane offered a standard seat-pitch of between 28-30 inch. Also, the passenger could purchase drinks and snacks onboard or pre-order them. Thomas Cook Airlines also provided in-flight entertainment.

  • Economy plus

The economy plus was an upgrade to the economy pack. This package had standard seats toward the front of the plane. Additionally, there were also complimentary hot meals, drinks, and earphones. Thomas Cook Airlines provided additional baggage allowances and ground services.

Thomas Cook Airline Review

Thomas Cook Airline was the favorites of many passengers. There were many positive aspects of this airplane company. The overall review of the airline was 4 out of 5, which was a pretty good rating. Some of the most positive feedback of the company was the cleanliness, customer service, and many others.

The best feature, as per the customers, was cleanliness. Thomas Cook Airline was a huge company, and the company believed a lot in purity. The team cleaned the seats, the cabins, and the whole plane whenever possible. The cleaning helped a lot in maintaining cleanliness, which was a very positive aspect of the company.

Photo: Thomas Cook Airlines, Photo By: Pawel Momont

The customer service was another positive impact of the company. The company hired the employee who was well behaved and well educated. The employees tend to act in a friendly way as much as possible. The people loved the customer service of the company.

The flight did not cost a lot of money, and it was value for money. The entertainment services, food, and other services were up to the standard. The customers loved everything about the services. This behavior of customers showed that the company was good at maintaining the quality of the service.

The check-in and boarding were also smooth and attracted the customers. The customer did not have to wait in long queues for both the process. They could easily do both, and it saved the time of the people.

However, not every feature of the airlines was the best. One of the features which people did not like was in-flight entertainment. There were not many sources of entertainment on the flight. One of the very few was a radio or a small screen above the seat. The sources were not enough for the passengers.

The passengers, however, feel that the seat comfort, the legroom, onboard experience, and food was all average. They were not the best but not the worst as well. In general, they were happy with the services. Most of the people recommended Thomas Cook Airlines to many others. This word of mouth increased popularity and served more than 7 million passengers in 2018.
Captain Peter Elliot, 59, who recorded on his uniform for more than 15,000  hours, and flew for 30 years.


thomas cook airlines
Photo: Thomas Cook Airlines Boeing 737 , By : Pawel Momont

The no-more operating Thomas Cook Airlines provided some excellent service. The airlines were a choice of many passengers until 2019. They had renovated the facilities making it as better as possible. UK based airlines would attract quite a lot of people, even if it operated to date. The airline had a great review and was one of the best Airlines so far.

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