Three airlines urged to pursue action after conclusion of extra money on charter flights

The investigation committee has concluded that the charter flight in the name of passenger service for the international destination was charged high during the pandemic. The government had formed a committee under the coordination of the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Rajan Pokhrel, to investigate the issue of charging high fares on international charter flights.

On Wednesday, the report submitted to the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yadav Prasad Koirala concluded that the passengers were charged high in airfare. In the report, the committee had studied 16 flights of Qatar Airways, seven flights of Turkish Airlines, and 13 flights of Himalayan Airlines.

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The investigation committee has concluded that airlines charged more fare than prescribed. The committee’s investigation concluded that Qatar Air had charged extra on nine flights and Turkish and Himalayan Airlines had charged extra on two flights each.

The investigation committee also recommended action against Qatar, Turkish and Himalayan Airlines for charging higher fares, according to a press release issued by Tourism Ministry spokesperson Taranath Adhikari. The committee also recommended further investigation and action against those involved in the ticketing.

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