Three airports at Khotang District inoperative; air passengers agitated

Closure of all three airports at Khotang district has caused problem for air passengers to and from the district. 2 airports have been closed for blacktopping of runway and another 1 is closed due to landslide.

Lamidanda airport which has been out of operation for more than a year now has been undergoing runway blacktopping work. The 67 million blacktopping project of CAAN is now half completed and currently work of filling gabbing wall, placing gravel on runway and work of drainage system is going on. The project is undertaken by YNS, SAP and Surya construction PVT. Ltd.

Similarly Thamkharka airport has also been out of operation since last 2 years. The runway blacktopping project is undertaken by Rautaha Construction PVT. LTD. which was due to complete last month has only completed 75% of total work. The project was started at 93.8 million under CAAN.

Khanidanda airport located near district headquarter Diktel has been closed since last 2 months due to landslide. The landslide has blocked the drainage system under runway and destroyed southern part of the airport. As per locals, concerned authorities have not been concerned towards the problem and the airport has not gone through any renovation work.

Lack of good roads and closure of the airport has been problematic to locals. People have been compelled to opt helicopter charter at very expensive cost to transfer ill and sick peoples.

Kangeldanda Airport, the nearest airport to Khotang is also out of operation from past several years. Around 15 VDCs and the people from northern areas of Khotang were taking services from this airport.

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