Three companies file proposal for evaluation of NAC’s Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACB’

Three international companies have lodged a proposal for the evaluation of second and last Boeing aircraft of the national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines corporation. Corporation management had called for a public proposal on 26th Baishak to sell out their remaining aircraft.

On the 21 days deadline proposal, only affiliated business companies were allowed to participate to evaluate the aircraft’s current real value, backup parts and other components. The corporation’s B757-200 series aircraft is still on its regular flight. This aircraft is conducting one flight on daily basis.

Rabindra Shrestha, Corporate Director and spokesperson of the corporation said three companies from America,UK and Singapore has forwarded a proposal for the actual evaluation of the aircraft and after detail study of the proposal, the company with cheap call will be selected within a week. As per him, American Fintech, UK’s International Aviation Group and Singapore Rid (Flight Global) Aviation has forwarded their proposal.

Fintech has also evaluated Boeing 757 ‘9N-ACA’ of the corporation before. Corporation has estimated the price of the Boeing which they are on the way to sell to be higher than the price of firstly sold Boeing. According to the corporation they have called for a proposal to know the exact selling value of Boeing 9N-ACB aircraft through the appropriate evaluation of backup parts, engine and other technical accessories. Only the firm or companies accredited by International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) were allowed to submit their proposal. The last date for the submission of the proposal was till 16th Jestha.

According to the corporation the 30 years old ‘RB211-535E4’ model aircraft going to be sold has two engines connected. He added they have aimed to sell the aircraft till the middle of 2021 as more the aircraft gets aged more costly becomes the operating expenses. Corporation has sold its first Boeing at the cost of 14 lakhs 60 thousand American dollar to the BB Airways. Corporation’s new aircraft which are being manufacture by the Airbus Company consumes only 50 percent fuel in comparison to this aircrafts. The corporation had no option other than selling because of high maintenance expenses and engine getting aged.

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