Three major Chinese Airlines offering free Wi-Fi Services

Three major Chinese Airlines offering free Wi-Fi Services

Nowadays,the large proportion of people are always connected/online with the help of internet access. Major international airlines have already realized its importance and implemented Wi-Fi and different communication system on their planes to attract passengers.

Chinese airlines are also catching the trend as their market research shows 86 percent passengers prefer flight having internet access and upgrading the system to set up free Wi-Fi services. China Eastern Airlines is the first to implement free Wi-Fi service on its domestic as well as international flight. Following the line is China Southern Airlines and Air China. These airlines will access Asia Sat-6 satellite for its internet relative services. To make the services more effective and active, about 70 aircrafts will be modified to install required equipment’s before 2017. The cost of the running such services will be paid by the airlines and its business partners. Running such services is believed to increase new business opportunities involving social media and data services.

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