Three new helicopter companies nearing to receive AOC

Despite of the increase in competition of aviation sector, the order of adding new company has not stopped. Those companies which have been operating since many years are making their own strategy to compete in the market.

New three helicopter companies has begun to set up the process for operations after receiving permission from the authority.

Annapurna Helicopter, Mustang helicopter and RS helicopter have received License from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation.

RS helicopter and Annapurna helicopter companies have received permission from the ministry to operate flights from AS350 Écureuil helicopter. Similarly, Mustang helicopter received permission to bring two Écureuil helicopters and two Robinson helicopters.

Except Prabhu helicopter company, all helicopter companies of Nepal operate through Écureuil helicopters. Prabhu Helicopter Company operates with its base at Pokhara and operates through Robinson R66 helicopters. The five-seater R66 Turbine Helicopter is reliable, economical and easy to maintain. Other helicopter companies operate in the aim of providing heli rescue.

According to the ministry, Mustang helicopter received permission in the last Baisakh whereas RS helicopter and Annapurna helicopter received license on November, 2018. After receiving permission from the ministry, the heli companies should take Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Commercial flights can be operated only after receiving AOC. The companies must meet certain criteria mentioned by CAAN in order to receive AOC. Mustang Air only had submitted proposal for AOC to CAAN while other two companies have not reached the authority.

Since the air traffic congestion have increased recently in Kathmandu airport, the airlines adding new aircraft or new airlines does not get authority to make base at Kathmandu. Due to lack of development and parking capacity of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the base must be made outside Kathmandu valley.

Bhuwan Pradhan, operator of Annapurna helicopter stated that the company is preparing to get AOC by completing all the necessary process and documents. “It has been only 1and half months that we received permission,” he added. He also informed that within best two weeks, all the required documents will be submitted to CAAN for AOC.

According to table prepared by Annapurna helicopter, one helicopter will arrive TIA and remaining 3 helicopters will be arriving in every 6 months duration. Pradhan said that Annapurna helicopter has received license as it has also made its base at Pokhara.

The new airline company must show a minimum capital of NRs. 150 Millions to receive license. Currently, 10 helicopter companies are serving Nepal. These companies have 33 helicopters of different capacities.

Air Dynasty owns 5, Shree Airlines owns 7, Simrik Air owns 4, Prabhu helicopter owns 5, Summit helicopter owns 3, Altitude Air owns 1 whereas Heli Everest, Manang Air, Mountain helicopters and Kailash helicopters own 2 helicopters. All these helicopters are of 4-6 seats capacity.

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