TIA announcement for Public awareness post laser activity

TIA announcement for Public awareness post laser activity

September 1, 2016 -Kathmandu

If you happen to pass around the premises of TIA boundary outside across areas Koteshwor, Jadibuti or Pepsi cola, you might have heard some miking announcement, that have been regularly conducted by Tribhuvan International  Airport authority since few days.

The recent laser activity in Tribhuvan International Airport went viral knocking every doors of the individuals associated with security and major authorities of Tribhuvan International Airport. An issue that has been serious threat to some major international airport happened for the first time in Nepal. This is a real matter of concern.

As per TIA spoke person Prem Nath Thakur, TIA Security Authority sat for meeting just next day of the incident and concluded that public people lack awareness about such activities that can put a potential threat in the operation of an airport in many ways and they are unknowingly or knowingly putting the aircraft operation at risk.

As the main festival Dashain of our country is approaching, a new security threat has also been added into the list. The activity of flying of kites in the vicinity of airport can also be dangerous. Flying kites can cause foreign object strike to the aircraft operating around the airport especially during takeoff and landing. The announcement of the airport authority includes this issue instructing the public not to fly kites in or around airport.

The same way, the approaching festival will cause an included increment in slaughter of the animals. The slaughter houses will increase the poaching activity and presence of these houses around airport will attract birds around the airport area that will definitely put the aircraft operating in the airport towards the threat of Bird strike.

Even before this, a lot of bird strike incidents have been reported in the vicinity of TIA, causing major damages to the parts of aircraft. These types of threats that can be controlled from the effort of public are targeted by the TIA authority and the campaign of the awareness has been conducted.

The awareness announcement campaign around TIA is conducted three times each day regularly since the day after the laser activity. The announcement specially focuses on warning the individuals to stop the laser activity, flying kites activity and slaughter around airport premises.

The authorities also warn the public to be legally treated if they continue any activity of this kind disregarding the notice of TIA.

On July 07, the Airbus was taking off from Kathmandu for Hong Kong with 59 passengers and crew members on board under the command of Senior Captain R. P. Dhakal who was forced to taxi the airplane back to terminal and the ramp after bird strike.

Tribhuvan International Airport, for the first time faced an activity of Laser broadcast aimed at an Airbus 320 aircraft of Nepal Airlines while the pilots were commencing their final approach procedures. Laser emission towards cockpit can temporarily incapacitate pilots, especially in the crucial phase of flight i.e. in landing phase that may lead to a fatal incident in future.

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