TIA ready for ceasing flight operation of AirAsia X

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is preparing to halt the flight operation of Air Asia X from March 6 (Falgun 22).

Spokesperson for TIA Mr. Prem Nath Thakur said that the airport authority have finalized in taking action after  Malaysia’s private airline Air Asia failed to pay the pending airport service charge.

As per the information, Air Asia X had presented written commitments to pay the entire remaining amount on Poush 24.

The Authority had agreed to stop the flights from March 3. However, the airport office had given additional three days to close the flight which is on March 6. Air Asia has to pay the highest amount to TIA among other international airlines.

Air Asia who conducts five flights per week in Kathmandu had paid more than Rs 2 million last month however, there is a pending due of approximately Rs20 crores.

According to the Airport Service Charge Regulation 2067, the responsibility of collecting airport service charge goes to the chief of the airport who has to submit statement to head office every month.

Likewise, those who fail to dispatch airport service charge within 60 days from the generation of bill then the airport chief can halt their business whereas in case of airline operators, the flight will be restricted.

In addition, the authority can blacklist the airline operators if they fail to pay the airport service charge and act beyond the rules, regulations and agreement of the authority. In such case, the business and airline operators will be restricted to run any businesses at the airport.

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