TIA staffs meeting held regarding runway problems

TIA staffs meeting held regarding runway problems

Kathmandu – 18 October 2016

The meeting of TIA officials was held yesterday regarding the regular problems occurring in the oldest runway of the country at the airport.

The frequent troubles caused due to runway and taxiway mismanagement has created losses to the airport. Many aircrafts are diverted back due to instant problems that come along in the runway which is very crucial during landing period. Presence of cracks, potholes and foreign Object Debris (FOD) in the runway can misalign the landing of the aircraft and can also cause accidents.

Tourism Minister Shahi inspecting the runway at TIA Pic Source: janaboli.com

Recently, the Minister for tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation, Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi secretly visited the airport to find out the wary condition of the runway and pointed out to deal with issues. So, the meeting was held which has decided to work out and clean the runway starting at 12:30 am to 6 am and if the filling of potholes and cracks are still due, the work would be extended till 10 to 11 am in the morning and until then TIA remains closed as stated by the spokesperson of TIA, Mr. Prem Nath Thakur.

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