TIA to be upgraded along with Bio metric facility

Department of Immigration (DOI) is preparing to upgrade sole international airport of Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

The department will establish state-of-the-art desk in the arrival and departure room of TIA within this fiscal year.

Eshwor Raj Poudel, Director General of DOI stated that the department will implement Immigration Information System with the bio metric details of every foreign tourists traveling to Nepal in current fiscal year.

Speaking at a Press meet on Wednesday (January 9) organized by DOI, Poudel said that working with the bio metric details of foreign citizens, the work of upgrading the level of TIA has already been started.

Poudel informed that he had handed over the work to 3 engineers of the department and the work has already begun.

According to the statistics of DOI, 84 foreigner living inside Nepal were sent back within 9 months of 2075.

The department stated that they were sent back and they are not permitted to enter Nepal in future because of various criminal accusation.

Previously, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) had published press release after inspecting sole international airport of Nepal, Tribhuvan International Airport on December 18 stating its weakness and vulnerability.

On the occasion of International Immigrants Day, NHRC team led by Sudip Pathak, member of NHRC had studied Department of Immigration (DoI) along with labor departure lounge, immigration lounge.

After the inspection was conducted, the team organized meeting with DoI and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on discussing several topics on migrant workers.

During the meeting, NHRC had suggested the airline employee to behave and provide appropriate hospitality to migrants of Nepal.

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