TIA to limit opening hours again; NAC Osaka flights to be provided space

Kathmandu, ANN

The only international airport of Nepal, Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is going to shorten its operating hour for accommodating the rehabilitation work of taxiways. This second phase of TIA rehabilitation is going to be commenced from Sunday, 1st of September. The operation of TIA will be closed for seven hours i.e. from 11:30 PM in the night to 6:30 AM in the morning.

The rehabilitation work has been scheduled for a month. During this phase of construction, taxiways and link ways of the airport will be rehabilitated just like the runway was done from April 01 to July 01 for four months when the airport was closed for 10 hours every day. Additionally, lights installation on the runway center line will also be carried on during this phase.

TIA Runway - Aviation Nepal
TIA Runway – Aviation Nepal

The flag carrier’s recently introduced flight to Osaka, Japan will be provided exception since the time schedule of the flights couldn’t be altered. Nepal Airlines will fly Kathmandu-Osaka-Kathmandu sector every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The flight is scheduled to take off at 02:00 AM these 3 days of the week. So in these days the rehabilitation work would be held until the flight prepares and depart. After departure of Osaka flights, the work would be resumed to normal. The arrival time of this flight would not affect the work as it will land around 06:00 PM the same day in Kathmandu.

The airport has been operating 21 hours daily after the first phase runway rehabilitation work was accomplished. The bitumen of the ten thousand feet runway was totally changed to new for the first time since its establishment. The second phase work of no had been postponed due monsoon prevailing seasons and now it is going to be resumed again.

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